Rise Above Evil: Today Choose Love

Do you know that God will work on your behalf and you don’t have to do but one thing: love. That means even when someone speaks negatively about you or the spirit of evil rises up in them that you are protected. Pray for those that persecute because when they act out they set themselves up for a failure. Evil boomerangs and comes back like mail with the wrong address, it comes back as “return to sender.” Love prospers and rises up … Love dissolves evil and it’s effect. That is amazing! You will always rise when you have God in your heart. Vengeance belongs to Him all we have to do is stay connected to Him and Simply LOVE… love God, love our neighbors, love ourselves. It’s not worth it to be a victim of the boomerang. We are not victims but victorious through God and that victory comes from simply Loving. God is such am amazing wonder. My heart is full when I think about how much he loves us … He rewards a good and faithful heart. Today choose love. No matter what comes your way, handle it like a Queen or King and take the high road … By guiding your every move with tender sweet kind forgiving love.


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