50 Amazingly Awesome Affirmations From My Sisters

Today I scurried around like a little mouse searching for something good to chew on — except the difference is that I was searching for something to feed my soul versus just my tummy. What I found amazed me and I hope it will amaze you too. I discovered a nice collection of affirmations straight from the heart of my soul sisters whom I admire so much for their strength and perseverance in life.

The beautiful, talented, amazingly strong sisters that helped contribute to this list of affirmations are Bella, Nikki, Heather, April, Lisa, Juliana, Carolyn and Kathy. Thank you sisters for sharing your heart and positivity today. Affirmations are so powerful, they speak life and so I am pleased to share with you these wonderful straight up and REAL, Amazingly Awesome Affirmations From My Sisters. 

I am unique
I am amazing
I am an angel
I am Gods messenger
I am compassionate
I am kind
I am a devoted mother
I am a loving grandmother
I am a Christ loving woman
I am clean
I am sober

I am blessed
I am a movie lover
I am satisfied
I am optimistic
I am in love with Jesus
I am a coffee lover
I am beautiful
I am awesome
I am smart
I am exceptional
I am enthusiastic
I am crazy fun
I am lovable
I am a child of God
I am forgiven
I am God’s temple
I am OK with saying No
I am happy to let God into my life
I am a very happy person now that I am starting over
I am happy to have met a lot of new and different ladies, friends, and girls to talk to about anything
I am happy to be alive
I am happy to be going home
I am artistic
I am romantic
I am a music lover
I am a great person to be around
I am empowered
I am perfectly me
I am in charge of my future
I am moved by love
I am grateful for today
I am worthy
I am renewed
I am a success
I am powerful beyond measure
I am destined to do great things
I am full of ideas
I am creative
I am a golden glow that brightens up the room


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