Poem: Always Winning

By: Malika Bennett

This morning when the sun glazed my skin
I knew today that I would win…

Win at living
Win at happiness
Win at loving
Win at writing
Win at beauty
Win at doing
Win at knowing
Win at growing
Win more money
Win you over
Win at listening
Win at talking
Win at dreaming
Win at star gazing
Win at remembering my life is amazing
Win at glowing
Win at peace
Win at walking
Win at running with the breeze
Win at feeling
Win at trusting
Win at supporting
Win at helping
Win at accepting help from others
Win at honoring
Win at celebrating
Win at praying
Win at staying
Win at flowing
Win at sacrificing
Win at giving
Win at bending with the winds of our life
Win at being simply me
Win at correcting my insecurities

…When I wake up each day, I know I will win
I’m a winner
I am winning
My life is already won…


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