Be Like The Tree Planted Firmly In The Ground

Everyday challenges come. Life hits. Bills break our bank accounts. People try our patience. Our talents at work seem taken for granted. Our Kids are more and more out of hand with demands for more, more and more. More time. More love. More energy. More things. More everything. And even when we try to do the right thing it seems our confidence in self can get lost …  Our Intentions of our actions get misinterpreted or misunderstood. Life can seem all wrong at times …. Just All wrong.  There is so much that can wear us down. So much that can take our minds off of this precious gift called life. So many things that can make us want to give up, hang up the towel and give in to life’s pressures and hard hitting times. After all life can be a hard. Life can be difficult. Life can be unpredictable. But that’s life, right. But what I’ve experienced and what I’ve come to learn is that no matter how hard life may get …. There is always something in life that will come our way and remind us just how precious this life is….there will be a sign, a saying, a dream or a moment that will totally flip the script and change up our mindset and how we view life. I think it’s so awesome how if we open our eyes, minds, hearts and ears that we can see the subtle signs that  God sends our way to remind us how we should respond when life hits hard.  Today I found that example in nature with the tree root. The incredible thing about the tree root is that it is long, thick and so strong that it protrudes through rough terrain and stretches far and deep beneath the earth so that when life hits it can not easily be uprooted. A tree root withstands so much and endures so much. So with that said, I leave you with the inspiration message of the day…. It simply is to live and love your life greatly… Cherish every moment and remember that when life hits hard and things get heavy … Be like a tree root planted firmly in the ground … Unmovable, strong and grounded. 




3 thoughts on “Be Like The Tree Planted Firmly In The Ground

  1. Beautiful.. and the reason why I loved it is because I can relate to it. Having had a rough three years, I spent some time just taking time to breathe and think. Suddenly I was coming across articles and books with just what I needed to read. I was meeting people who were saying things I just needed to hear at that time. At first I thought it was all a weird coincidence. Later I realized that those inspirations were perhaps always there. I was just too lost to notice them before.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m glad you can relate. It’s a gift to be able to stop and process life and get an understanding. Funny that you said three years because that’s about how long I’ve been on my journey for more spiritual growth and understanding. The universe is amazing and will teach us what we need to know if we stop, ask and listen. I admire your decision to stop and take in life …. It takes courage to do that and I am sure you will be grateful for this time…. Blessings to you and yours!!!!!


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