A Prayer for Tonight, We Need A Million Amens

——Prayer for tonight ——-

Please join in and pray for our kids in this world and their parents. Please stand with me and pray for those confronted with evil or following down dangerous paths … because God can shake some things up for us and those we care about if we ask … if I can only get a million ‪#‎amens‬ on this!

God, I pray tonight that you would protect all the babies in this world, put a hedge of protection around them and lift them up and strengthen every woman and man out there struggling with issues they don’t know how to correct. Give them the help they need. Put a strong nagging urge in their heart to go above and beyond for their children and for their own personal well being. Teach them how to love the right things and turn far away from the wrong that tempts them daily. Father, teach them how to be there for their children because they are the ones that depend on them for love and protection and nourishment. Help these women and men stand up for themselves and stand strong in your Holy Spirit especially when evil confronts them.

I love you Lord and I know you can go places where no man can go. You see all things. David wrote in Psalms 37 that we should not fret over those that do evil so God I gratefully stand on that word and hand over all the concerns of my heart to you. Thank you Lord for being an awesome God. A God of great wonder and magnificence that can dispatch heavenly angels before we even know we need them.

Thank you Lord that we can come to you always … We can come to you in times of great concern and need and in times of praise and happiness. Thank you Lord for hearing this prayer and for being marvelous in every way. I love you Lord. In Jesus name,we pray Amen…


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