Lessons Learned While Having To Go Pee Really Really Badly ….

So first and foremost, let me say that God is amazing … and here’s why today, right now I give him praise and say thank you Lord.

Today (well, actually tonight) I was headed home from work and had to pee really badly. Its late and I am riding the bus and as luck would have it, MY BUS, won’t arrive for another 30 minutes. So like most people, I go searching for a bathroom. But I don’t have many options because EVERYTHING is closed this late at night.

So, I went into the only OPEN place (a bar) across the street from my bus stop. I asked the bar tender lady on duty if I can use the bathroom and she said NO YOU CAN’T and walked away.

When she came back I asked her AGAIN because I didn’t think I heard her correctly. I mean, I don’t know too many people that would be that rude and dismissive and have such an attitude over someone asking them to use a bathroom.

Now, I understand policies but having worked all my life in people facing positions I also understand great customer service (even for potential customers) and most importantly as a decent human being I understand basic human compassion and the simple courtesy of helping people during an emergency. At this point I am so disgusted by her negative, nasty and rude response that I thought “this is unbelievable.” I thought “who acts like that towards someone, especially a woman to woman.” I also made a decision in my mind that I will never consider patronizing this place in the future just based on her rudeness.

For a minute, I stumbled with this spiritually but then I remember VENGEANCE belong to the Lord. So, I prayed and asked God to take care of it because I saw myself starting down  my little ‘war path’ LOL! Oh I was ready to write a YELP review, call her manager, write a letter and post on social media to “never ever use this restaurant …” but then I remembered VENGEANCE does not belong to me. It’s not my responsibility to be vengeful or mean and nasty because then I would be just like her … and I never ever want to represent myself the way she represented herself to me today.

It’s not only horrible to turn someone away when they are in an emergency situation but it’s the manner in which it was done that was disturbing. When I asked her if she could at least direct me to a public restroom ‘that I could use’ … she just threw up her hands and walked off.

So then and there I gave it to God. I asked God to take it and handle that for me. Did he handle it? Oh yes He did. He did one better. He handled “Me” for “ME” by putting a spirit and feeling of incredible peace around me and by suddenly taking my urge to pee away. I literally went from thinking I was going to pee on myself to not feeling an urge at all. Amazing! All I could do was smile and ay thank you Lord for ‘keeping me’ … because I was seriously struggling. I smiled and then laughed because once again, good wins.

I know this may seem little to some, but trust me this is huge for me. I have to say thank you Lord a million times over in my heart because he brought me through this via prayer. I even feel bad now for the lady because she just seems so miserable. I also am grateful for this experience because it led to some great reminders and subtle life lessons.

Lessons Learned:

1. God will take care of it [situation, etc] but we must give it to him [Vengeance belongs to Him]

2. Nasty never pays, it makes you look ugly, unwelcoming and results in bad karma

3. Always be kind. You never know who is watching or who you are interacting with …

4. Forgive and pray for those that trespass against you

5. Smile in adversity… it lightens the load


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