Dirty Hands Never Prosper

When I think of Gods love I get goose bumps. When I think about His favor I get excited! When I read Gods word, I find peace. I find peace in knowing that vengeance belongs to the Lord and the righteous and clean in heart always win in the end. So why do people play dirty when they don’t have to? I never understood that because I find playing dirty to be exhausting, pointless and a waste of energy. In other words it’s not a good investment of energy and time and here’s a few reasons why. 

  1. Playing dirty creates bad karma. For every action there is a reaction and the rule of the universe is what you put out (negative or positive) will come back to you. “Do unto others..” 
  2. God does not like ugly nor does he reward people who act with bad intentions. “The face of the Lord is against evil doers. To cut off the memory of them from the earth. Psalms 34:16
  3. When you are out to intentionally  bring harm to others no matter how sneaky you are it will all eventually come to light. “But their evil intentions will be exposed when the light shines on them, for the light makes everything visible.” From Ephesians in the bible 

Playing dirty is nothing but an ego play. Weak people play dirty. Cowards play dirty. Ego and jealousy are some of the primary reasons that drive someone to use all of their precious sacred energy to try and tear someone down instead of lifting that person or themselves up to higher ground.
All of this is to say dirty hands never prosper so it is really in our best interest to come at people directly, honestly and from a loving place. 

Right now we’re at a time in history where I feel energetically people in this world are desiring truth and peace and love and kindness. And it is so refreshing to see that. But as you love your life …no matter how sweet and kind you are you will encounter people with a negative dark aura and energy that take delight in playing dirty or just don’t know any other way to be. In those times when you are tempted to act out as they do or take on negative energy, rebuke that energy and call on God for an intervention. Remember do not fret or be envious of those who do evil (Psalms 37) or have “dirty hands” because evil never prevails and it’s not the healthy, happy productive way to be in this world.


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