Baking Bread Pudding Helps People Experiencing Homelessness Build New Dreams and Find Creative Inspiration 

Jessie is a guest at a local homeless shelter in Seattle. She had a great idea to repurpose old leftover donuts and turn them into delicious bread pudding. She was so excited during the creative process and used this time to tap into her inner creativity by using special ingredients based on what we had available– for example, blackberries picked from outside, cinnamon chocolate chips and nuts. She grew up on her mothers bread pudding and loved it and got the idea when she thought about her warm childhood memories of watching mom bake bread pudding while growing up. So after a phone call to mom she got the basic ingredients and guidance and decided to switch up from her mothers traditional version and make one of her own using the ingredients we had on hand. Needless to say the bread pudding mad a major hit!! This experience sparked a moment of joy and freedom from the hustle and bustle of trying to overcome homeless and rebuild her life. Seeing that she has a love for creating and baking, she plans to enroll in a culinary program called FareStart this fall. FareStart is a local program in the Seattle area that assists people experiencing homelessness with developing culinary skills through professional training and education. Check out the pictures below from her bread pudding. Needless to say everyone raved about her bread pudding. What a nice summer treat that she shared with us today!!!!! She has a bright bright future ahead!!!!! Now who wants  a plate of that yummy delicious berry donut bread pudding !!!! OMG yum!  



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