Special Shoutout To All The Single Parents … Keep Your Head Up

I heard a conversation on the bus about a single mother talking to her two small daughters about how hard life is and how it ain’t easy. I felt some kind of way about it because while I commend her for sharing the truth of her experience with her kids I couldn’t help but see how sad this made her child. I feel like some things we have to shield our kids from until they are older. But at the same time, I could feel the frustration of the mother and she was venting because she did not want her kids walking around “wearing clothes to small” and being lazy. She had a point she was trying to teach her young daughters so that she can protect them from people who might try to take advantage of them and show them the real deal in life.

 One income and two kids has to be tough. So tonight, I just want to lift this young mother up in prayer and other single moms and dads out their raising their kids on their own. Shoutout to all the single parents making magic happen for their kids on their own! Shoutout to the single parents that are successful in coparenting and equally doing their part. Not too many people I know wake up and say “I’m going to be single parent” … But life happens and although it’s hard … These single parents are faced with having to raise kids without the comfort of two incomes, without the physical and emotional support of two parents in the household tag teaming to love on their kids and raise them. It’s hard. 

So right now I just want to salute all the single parents — mothers and fathers! Not all relationships work out but when you love your kids you will sacrifice everything for them to have a great life and I truly admire that about single parents!!! I feel like the family unit is so special and needed that we as neighbors got to get back to the “it takes a village” mentality and pitch in to help support our single parents when possible. It could be offering a word of encouragement, helping them find financial resources and programs for their kids, tutoring, cooking a meal, etc. It could be encouraging mangers to be more flexible with work schedules. It could be a lot of things. What do you think can be done to help support single parents? I’m interested in your feedback. 


2 thoughts on “Special Shoutout To All The Single Parents … Keep Your Head Up

  1. one thing we all can do in helping single parents is giving them the respect they deserve without being judgmental. it will never be easy, but with the right kind of support, it can be made. give them the respect and recognition for doing the right even when everything is at odds.

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