A Poem: I Will Forever Love You

If you could understand my heartbeat, the language of my actions, the passion rippling through my veins like a earthquake unconfined…passion explosive like a pile of matches drenched in the gasoline of past disappointments and heartbreaks – or if you knew of the Joan of Ark feeling that I got when we cuddled and shared our truths like we’ve never cared to share before…then sometimes I ….wonder where we’d be.

I wonder if you knew that 10 years of friendship got me through so much. Or if you understood how much I cared but couldn’t comprehend …too young to appreciate the dance for fear of missing the beat and stepping on my own two feet.

I wonder if you knew how on dates and nights filled with long talks and expressive stares of affection , pure bliss and kiss after kiss – that you were the one I could see myself with because our love was a gift, rare and untainted that only we could deny. 

Occasionally I lie in my bed wondering why you randomly enter my mind – wondering if you could ever see to my soul the way I saw to yours than what would happen.

Predictions based on factu feelings make me guess that we’d probably still be together, married with kids, grown up from fear, boundless and driven, to win as a team, two millionaires saving the world from its human sin and sipping wine in Paris on a summers eve or maybe swimming in the deep blue Caribbean waters on a winters day.

Sometimes I wonder if you just allowed yourself the freedom to feel the power of our connection and forgive any interruptions in our love, if the love could have found a solid ground to mature and bear fruit…because it was indeed a good tree – just needed some minor nurturing.

But that was long long ago but still in my heart I want you to know that I will forever be a fan of the man you are within and for you I pray heavens blessing from now into enternity….and know that internally I will always care.

And Like the ageless sun our star will shine…

Realeasing warm energy 

And keeping us hopeful for new love to come…


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