I Wanna Go Deeper Into Me…

I believe there comes a point in every persons life where they desire more growth, more progress, more development, just simply more from  themselves and more from life.

Touchdown! That’s where lately I’m finding myself. I don’t desire anything really from my past just the lessons of today and a fearless plight to work hard today to secure my personal goals that will drive my tomorrow.

More plainly stated…I wanna go deeper into me. 

Deeper into my soul.

Deeper into my dreams and desires.

Deeper into my mental capacity.

Deeper into my physical fitness and capablilties and health.

Deeper into love of self and others.

Deeper into everything that makes me happy.

Do you ever just want to go deeper into life? Deeper so that the shallow waters of contentment don’t cause you to miss the beauty beneath the surface. A beauty that can only be seen when fears of success or change are put aside and we choose to dive.

Today I made up my mind that I want to go to deeper into me and into life. 

Can you relate? 


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