Today’s Lesson: Beauty Recognizes Beauty 

Besides having fun with aunties little munchkin…these two ladies randomly walked by me and One of them said “sister you are so beautiful.” That meant a lot to me. We as women don’t give each other enough compliments. This made my day because it showed me the heart of a complete stranger can be so pure and sweet at times. She did not know me from a can of paint but still took the time to share a positive word with me. It was so random and so authentic at the same time. Not somebody all up in my face smiling and grinning because they want something but just genuinely complimenting another human being.

Do you believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I sure do. I feel like the beauty she saw in me was a reflection of the beauty within her. So although I will probably never see this woman again, I send her love and peace because she is a beautiful person with a marvelous inner beauty and “eye” to see and recognize beauty in others. In a world where people can often times be so sf absorbed and oblivious to the world around them, she was in tune. That is admirable and beautiful. 

I guess the saying should go “beauty recognizes beauty.” 


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