A Special Prayer For Our Little One’s

Good day/evening good people. It’s been a while since I posted  a prayer and this one hit me tonight after a fabulous weekend hanging out with my little cousins, nephew and participating in a nice radiothon supporting First Place Scholars – a school for underserved and homeless youth. I thought about the kids and especially the ones that are in need of loving guidance, support, encouragement and a proper education. I thought about the kids that need good teachers and mentors around them and also the struggles that parents face trying to provide for their children in a tight economy. With that said, this special prayer is for our little one’s out there. I believe if we just continue to lift up our young ones in prayer that the next generation will be better, more compassionate, more loving and even more successful and wiser then our generation.

—Prayer — 

Glory to God! Holy and righteous is thy name, Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord for this day my daily bread and for blessing me with the wonderful companionship of family. Bless the little ones, this next generation. Let their souls soar like eagles and accomplish more and more then our minds can even conceive. Pour into them a Christ like mentality of helping others and spreading love. Protect them from persecution and judgment and keep them focused on the righteous path that you have created just for them.

I rebuke the spirit of complacency, low self esteem and any negative influences from the world around them. Bless their parents dear Lord. Show them how to be the best mom and dad. Grow their parents up in maturity, patience, humility, frugality and wisdom – the kind of wisdom that only your Holy Spirit can provide. Lord I love you and lift up your name. You are the most high, ruler of all the nations and King of glory. You are who I live to serve and I marvel in your all mighty power and righteousness.

Thank you God for your most excellent healing divine and loving presence. You reign! In Jesus name, Amen!


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