What Will You Choose: Faith or Fear

The question I want to ask you is faith or fear? Faith will cause us to start looking for all the “wrongs” in a situation when really nothing is wrong except that we are carrying the heavy burden of fear in our hearts. Fear of losing control, fear of safety, fear of making a bad decision, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of love, fear of hate, etc. God placed a word in my heart from one of my Facebook friends that opened my eyes and enlightened my spirit. The word was “faith over fear” (thank you Apostle Suprina Ford). That word convicted me to trust God even more and to lean on him completely and fully. Fear will block blessings and close doors before you even get a chance to walk through them. Last Sunday, I watched a two hour sermon from TD Jakes and the message was about being “enlightened.” He said to seek God and get the “light” or knowledge. He talked about changing the story we tell ourselves. He said the story we tell ourself is what is the game changer. It is what will take us from defeat to victory. He used the story of the woman who was healed after touching Jesus’ robe (Mark 5:27-28). 
“The woman had heard about Jesus, so she came up behind him in the crowd and barely touched his clothes. She had said to herself, “If I can just touch his clothes, I will get well.” As soon as she touched them, her bleeding stopped, and she knew she was well.”

The difference with this woman was that her story changed. I tie that into fear because fear is a story or narrative of doubt that we are telling ourselves. We are doubting without trusting and trusting is the foundation of faith. I don’t think we will ever be able to take our life to the next level unless we let go of the old out of date fear filled narratives that we tell ourselves. “Oh it’s never going to work out because…” or “they’ll never hire me because…” or “I bet he/she ain’t about nothing” or “I’m not going to apply for that job because they are looking for XYZ.” These are all examples of assumptions we make that are based in fear and block us from some potentially wonderful life experiences. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather try something out and go for it whole heartedly then wonder “what would have happened, IF I would have just….” game. At least if I try then I might gain something from it. After all if the situation gets to heavy then we know where our help comes from … God. 

If you give into fear that means your story needs to change in order for you to reach a higher, more enlightened level.

So the word that carries me forward from here is: faith over fear. Thank you Lord for the gift of faith and the gift of enlightenment. Every moment we have a choice to choose our narrative/story. Will you choose faith over fear or fear over faith? 


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