Two Souls Inspired By A Spark… (A Few Poetic Thoughts)

Two souls meet. And instantly feel a spark. Magical. Passionate. Intriguing. Not knowing where this is leading, they trust in destiny. Fate. God. Timing. Love. 
Inspired by the spark the connection becomes life changing. Engaging in conversations that mentally satisfy their need for connection. Sharing laughs and being light hearted giving their souls a break from the hustle of everyday light. A break from the mundane. A break from worry. A break from loneliness.

They each have something the other needs. Perhaps the support to carry out their destiny. Perhaps the joy to shine light and illuminate and heal wounds. Could be the perfect mate. Could be a perfect best friend. Could be anything they want it to be. Only time knows what will happen. 

However in order for destiny to be fulfilled they have to release themselves from fear and decide to completely put their faith in love. Love and fear can not exist together. 


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