Gratitude Lifted Me…

Oh today was a day! It started out tough. First I was caught running to catch my bus and waving my hands frantically while yelling “wait for me, wait for me.” Do you think the bus waited. NO! 

In my mind I am saying “this is not a good sign” and not a good way to start the day. But my higher self is combating these thoughts saying “have patience.” Think about the rule of the “secret” and change this negative energy around.

I admit it was hard to change my mindset. I was dead set on being mad at the bus driver for not being patient and waiting on ME! I was thinking “he clearly saw me, how could he do me like that?” 

It’s amazing how our thoughts can create a roller coaster of emotions and go from one extreme to another so quickly. I know it wasn’t his fault. But in that moment my emotions got the best of me and overruled my rational mind.

After that moment of weakness, my higher self kicked in and I began rebuking all of these negative thoughts and begin to plant seeds of positivity. 

I remembered the Buddhist teaching on gratitude and its connection to happiness (see earlier blog posts for reference). 

I then challeneged myself to think about 5 things I was grateful for… And it helped. 

First as I walked to work from the bus stop, I tweeted about five “all is well” tweets. I put out to the universe that “no matter what comes my way today, all is well.” Let me tell you… This changed my entire energy. Just taking 5 minutes to declare that my day will be amazing and everything will work out made a difference. 

Then things started to change. Next I got a call from mister man (my babe). He called me to discuss some things that were also weighing heavily on my mind. 

I had already made peace in my heart but hearing him explain things to me so I can understand him created a peace inside that confirmed there was something special and unique about US. It showed me he cared about me in a way I needed to witness and see. It showed me he was invested in building our friendship and growing on the cool connection we have. This was the another good sign that things were going to be OK today. It also allowed me to pause and say “I am grateful for him.” 

Next the sun came out. Which is very rare in Seattle at this time of the year. Check out the view.  

Then next we got to enjoy a free lunch at work. Which means money saved and good eating. I’m telling you, employers if you want to boost employee morale, treat your hard working staffing to free food Friday’s at least once a month, if possible. Doesn’t this food look amazing!!!   

Next a coworker bought me a free latte’ — a fancy Carmel macchiato with almond milk — to be exact. Yay! Winning. 

So how did all of this goodness come when the day started out so poorly? It came when I adopted a spirit and mindset of gratitude.

Five star review and rating for gratitude. It is a gift if we allow it to be. It is my secret game changing agent.

So with this, I leave you with a simple excercise to lift your mood and challenge your perspective when your day starts out “All Bad” just like mine started out today.

The Excercise Is: Challenge yourself to write down 7 things you are grateful for …. Don’t just say it but write it and say it. Claim it. It can be anything from clean socks on your feet to a house, job, car and good friends. It could be your health, your arms, your legs, your kids, your babe, your parents, siblings and family or more. It can be anything you want it to be. 

Another excercise to try is to do what I did earlier today and say what is bothering you. For example you can say “my bus is late” but then at the end of that statement add”but all is well.” 

When you do this you speak power over your situation. That’s how you give the universe notice that no matter what you will be OK. In other words you are victorious and will not let anything get you down.

With that said, I am pleased to say that gratitude  lifted me up today and I know that if you give gratitude a try, it will lift you up too!

God bless!!!


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