Why Trusting You… Is So Important to Your Survival and Self Esteem ❤️

Today I wanted to talk about “trust.” Not so much about trusting others but trusting you and your God given intuition and ability to discern and identify motives, intentions and the actions of others — especially when it relates to you and your well being.

What is intuition? Intuition comes in many forms and in many ways. For us book smart folks, intuition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Another definition is “a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.” 

For me, intuition is a nagging feeling and heaviness that comes over me when something is not right or when I am in a potentially harmful situation. In the religious or spiritual world it’s known as “the spirit of discernment.” In plain talk or as some would say “street talk” …. Intuition is “the ability to detect BS.”

However you decide to define it, intuition plays a major part in our development, growth, decesion making, safety, survival and self esteem. 

For example, as part of my intuition, I know when there is love present. I know when I feel negativity. I know when someone is out to prey on others or “use” folks.  I can even detect a lie covered up in a lie. I have learned through life that lack of honesty or liars are probably my biggest agony and pet peeve. The one thing I detest with every ounce of my soul is a liar. Because if you lie, “you will cheat, steal, kill and destroy.”

Now please don’t take this the wrong way. I’ve lied before — more times than I care to admit. I am not saying that I’m a perfect saint but for the most part I am an honest person. Even if it hurts, I will tell you the truth. I’ve had to let go of relationships that I’ve cherished because I was too honest and cared too much about that person to live in dishonesty. I make it a point to be this way because my soul can not and will not tolerate lies, lies, lies.

I don’t know about you but when someone lies to my face its almost equivalent to someone spitting in my face and completely disrespecting my soul. A wise man (my dad) once said “I can’t stand a liar.” I see now why he would put so much emphasis on us kids yelling the truth. Honesty makes us tougher. Honesty builds character. Honesty allows for truth to heal our souls and our life situations. As the saying goes “the truth will set us free.” Honesty truly is the best policy which is why I have learned to trust my intuition and observations and the “sum” of peoples action when sizing up if a situation, opportunity or person is a good healthy fit for my life.  That goes back to our intuition and making sure we listen to the truth our soul or spirit is telling us. 

Why is it important to listen? If you get nothing else from this message please be sure to walk away with the most important piece — you must listen to your intuition. No matter what people say to try and place doubt in your mind — you must stand your ground and listen to your intuition.  

It’s important to listen and be in tune with self for so many reasons. 

Listening will give you peace. 

Listening can protect your health, well being and safety.

 Listening to your intuition can save you precious valuable time. 

Listening can help you get in preparation for your blessing. 

Listening can prevent pain, heartbreak, regret and disappointment. 

Listening can empower you. Listening can save your life. 

Listen will affirm your self worth and self esteem.

Listening makes you powerful beyond measure. 

Sometimes when we listen we get resistance, especially if “listening” means that someone else loses out on being a part of your life or getting from you what they want. Listening can sometimes ignite feelings of anger, pain, confusion and many other negative emotions from others and sometimes in yourself if you let it. 

What I’ve  experienced is that sometimes  when we call people out or walk away from them because we’re listening to “self” and a higher “consciousness” you will see their ego and true colors come out. They may try to place “blame” on you, play the “victim,” call you “crazy” and put you down. Don’t let that sway you. These are signs that more than likely your intuition was right. Keep it moving and pray for them and that situation. 

Listening will help you maintain or in many cases affirm your self esteem. Listening will help you maintain a peaceful and happy heart in a world full of chaos, hurt and insecure people.

So I leave you with this very important life experience and tip — trust YOU and your God given intuition. It is sacred. It is your compass. It is your lifeline to survive  and live confidently and securely in this crazy world full of uncertain people and situations that aren’t good for you. But with the bad also comes the good. Meaning, just how your intuition can protect you it can lead you towards healthy people, situations and opportunity and allow you to live your life to the fullest.

I sincerely hope you learn to trust your intuition and listen to what your higher consciousness is telling you.

God Bless ….. And as always, I leave you with love, light and truth. 💕


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