Downsize Your Life: 101

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I’ve had a request to cover the topic of downsizing and streamlining possessions in order to find financial freedom. It’s an ever-increasingly popular subject, with wages frozen in place and the costs of living moving freely upwards!

We are given a certain salary or amount of money to work with, according to the exchange of labour we are willing to commit to. Some folks don’t want to or can’t increase that labour commitment, for fear of loss of work-life balance, burnout, dedication to travel or whatever the personal reasons. In this instance, my theory is that downsizing your lifestyle and cost-commitments can help you work more reasonable hours in a job you love, while still enjoying a good life.

The minimalist movement is not a new thing, with Ryan Mitchell’s Tiny House movement taking off online over 6 years ago, and Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus fervently blogging on the subject of

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