I Love You For Who You Are [Poem]

I love you for who you are | your eccentricity | your complexities | even your scars from the past you don’t think I see | For your strength as a man and your conviction and command | For how you make me laugh | For how you make me think | For our bond and connection | even though face to face we have yet to meet | For your care | I still remember you were there | like that time I was sick and your words comforted me | See it’s the little things I can’t forget | I love you For your advice about life | and your charming wit | Even how you get shy before you share something intimate | Something about you makes it hard for me to turn away | You said I’d always wonder “what if” if I didn’t come and see you | Now all I see is you | And I can’t let go until I know and we try …. 


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