The Power of a Compliment 

Doesn’t it feel good when someone gives you a compliment? Don’t you want to smile and jump through your skin! Compliments are an amazing form of positive energy that vibrates on a high level, touching your inner most spirit and making you feel loved, appreciated and joyous. Even the most miserable people perk up at the sound of a compliment. So with that said, why would anyone want to withhold a compliment. Even if it’s someone you don’t particularly get a long with, do you know how powerful a true and honest compliment can be? It can help someone break out of depression. It can change the energy in a conversation, environment or even help someone feel drenched in good feelings and vibes. Like the soil takes in nutrients that allow seeds to grow our souls also soar after being bathed in words of praise and encouragement.

Even God loves for us to compliment  Him. Do you ever notice how much faster those blessings flow from heaven when we compliment our Heavenly Father and give thanks and praise unto Him.

When we see goodness or something we like and treasure in others, it’s in our best interest and their best interest to send a compliment that way.

Now I’m not saying lie and tell people you like something about them but you really are just saying that to be nice. The key and power behind compliments is authenticity. The vibrations of a lie will neutralize the vibrations of the compliment and our goal is to raise the vibration so we got to be honest.

It’s not hard to find 1 thing you like about someone. It could be something as simple as they have on a nice tie or scarf to something more personal.

Charge up the world with your compliments. Make your personal compliment ministry shine starting today.

7 Compliment Challenge

Now let’s have some fun and start using the power from compliments. This is a simple challenge.

I triple dare you to challenge yourself RIGHT NOW to find 7 great things that you love about God. Next find 7 great things you like about yourself. Lastly, go one step further and find 7 great things you like about someone else and tell them.

In an effort to take up this challenge myself…I decided to do the challenge with you and share my list. Please feel free to share your lists too. I also want to hear about your observations before and after taking the 7 Compliment Challenge. It could be an immediate change of mood or energy around you or the change could take a day or weeks to manifest.

7 Compliment Challenge [My List, as of 2/15/16]

7 Compliments [To God]

1. Lord I love how you created us all in your perfect image

2. Lord I love the beauty of this world you created

3. Lord I love the millions of species of plants and animals and sea life that you created

4. Lord I love your patience 

5. Lord I love that you are the source of infinite wisdom

6. Lord I love that you are a provider

7. Lord I love your endless love for all of us despite our faults and shortcomings

7 Compliments [to me]

1. I love that I am a faithful friend

2. I love that I am an amazingly creative person with limitless ideas

3. I love my imagination

4. I love my eyebrows

5. I love my amazingly shapely legs

6. I love my heart for humanity

7. I love my work ethic

7 Compliments [to others] — TBD because for me, this needs to be done in person …or said directly to that person.

Observations: It was interesting that while I was writing my lists above, I observed a few things. One thing I noticed is that I felt a total complete release and change in my energy after writing my 6th compliment to God. It felt as if a weight was lifted off me. Let me know if you experience anything similar. The second thing that I noticed was that it was challenging for me to come up with compliments about my self. I struggled at first but then once I started thinking more about myself it was easy to do. This shows me that I need to start complimenting myself more.

I know this challenge sounds like work but it’s not. It takes less then 7 minutes to do if you put your mind to it and trust me the return on your investment is well worth the time you put in. 

If you do the compliment challenge then please let me know what you’ve observed, learned and thought about the challenge. I am very interested in seeing if others benefit greatly from compliments … Not just receiving them but giving them …. 

Peace. Infinite Love & Blessings!


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