I Walk In … [Positive Affirmations]

Lord I walk in …

Your grandiosity 

Your grace 

Your warmth

Your love

Your forgiveness

Your truth 

Your wisdom 

Your pureness

Your healing

Your divine providence 

Your perfection

Your creativity 

Your kindness

Your graciousness 

Your sweetness 

Your prosperity

Your sweet patience

Your meekness

Your frugality

Your abundance

Your obedience 

I gratefully walk in possession of what I need.

I release controlling behaviors and blinding pride.

With you Lord, humbley I stand. Confessing that I want your acceptance of my heart as I repent and depart from all sin.

Lord, I walk happily in your light

I rebuke the dark. I shine like crystal. 

I walk in thankfulness 

I walk in gratitude 

With a positive attitude 

I walk everyday giving thanks to you God for sending Jesus, the mighty one to be an example of how life should be lived and done.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.

For your yoke is easy and your burden light.



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