Another Soul Lost To Drugs … My Heart Weeps For Our World 

Another soul lost to drugs. Too many loved ones and people just giving their minds and life away. They don’t see the value in themselves. They let shame, hurt, anger, doubt, insecurity, rage, idleness, sadness and all things negative take control. But I do see the value. I see the light and tears flowed the moment that light dimmed. God loves them and so do I. Why can’t they see. And it hurts so deeply to watch a life just drift into the sea of substance abuse and addiction. Please pray for this world. My heart is so heavy right now. Feel like we’re in this intense spiritual battle and there is this dark negative energy trying to kill the light in people. God we need you. I need you. I can’t stand to see another loved one hand their life over like this … Please God, intervene. In Jesus name, amen.

Word of advice: watch who you and your loved ones hang with, especially during hard times. The enemy comes like a thief in the night. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. He comes at your weakest moments. When you have no income. When you just broke up with someone or lost a loved one. When you’ve been picked on and teased and feel broken and depleted. When you’ve made a bad decision and feel bad. He knows when to strike you so u got to be smarter and know how to strike him down with the word of God. See, Satan is a coward and dare not touch you when you’re strong. When you feel weak call on God to make you strong. Remember you can do all things through Christ whom strengthens you. Get in fellowship at your church if life gets demanding, you feel hopeless and if you’re hurting. You owe this to you and everyone who loves you. Don’t turn away from God and those that know and love you and can encourage you. Don’t get confused with false love. Misery loves company. Someone who loves you would never ever introduce you to drugs. Remember when you are away from the pact is when you will be targeted the most … It’s easier to take you out. So don’t allow yourself to slip into isolation. Seek God and seek the fellowship of true believers for strength. This too shall pass. Hard times don’t last always. But bad habits are hard to break so when life gets hard (and it will) resist the temptation to quiet the hurt with drugs and other addictive behaviors. It’s not worth the headache or heartache.


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