Child Turned Away From Church …How Do You Respond?

Scenario: Your beloved child is given a song to sing in the choir. Your child attends every choir rehearsal and knows the song. On the day of service your child is told by the choir director that he or she can not sing the solo because he or she “does not know the words.”  This is not true and negatively impacts your child. Your child whom arrived very excited about singing and praising the Lord is so distraught and overwhelmed with sadness because he or she can’t sing the song for the Lord that they practiced for several weeks. Your child later on breaks down in tears. Later your child asks “so are  we done with this church thing?”

The devil is busy ya’l …

So my question is how would you respond if this was your child? What is the Christian way to handle this? Even after confronting the choir directors you still don’t feel it is resolved and intentions are pure. What would Jesus do? 

I thought I’d pose this question because this is happening in churches around the world. If people are being turned away how do we as true believing Christians respond?

With the word of God as your armor and defense please share with me the best way your spirit is being led to handle this situation. 

It’s a sticky situation. We don’t want to turn our kids away from the church when it’s supposed to be a refuge from the world. But if the church is becoming more in the world then in the word and not about being examples of Christ, how do we fix it and keep our babies protected and inspired and excited about serving God?

I’m curious to see what you think with your opinion being scripturally backed in the word of God. ❤️


2 thoughts on “Child Turned Away From Church …How Do You Respond?

  1. I think that is a terrible way for anyone to treat a child , I don’t care who it is. I would need an explanation for this action. I would meanwhile make it as easy as possible for the child by making some admittedly” lame ” excuse for this pathetic church, and of course I would not attend there again and would let it be known by all who attent this church how cruel this action was and how it made my child feel. I am a mama Bear and would be furious.

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