Don’t Automatically Assume That My Love Is Romantically Motivated …..[Poetic Thoughts]

My cup of love runneth over …

It’s full to capacity

Therefore It has to be released 

And since you’re there right in front of me, I might as well give my love to thee

I write this letter, these poetic thoughts as a way to reminisce of the love I give, the love I’ve given and to let you know that this love does not come with romantic agendas … Hidden. 

I laugh out loud of the many men who see my smile, my unfiltered heart, my warmth, my care and they assume I’m trying to be “theirs” 

Please do not misinterpret 

Don’t add “other” innuendos and fantasies to this love frequency

I give of my love freely

No other motives or desires 

But its pure from the spirit kind of love

The “I want to see you do well” kind of love 

Even if we’re not together 

It’s a deep spiritual kind of love that’s as pure as the water dug from ancient wells 

Make your brain swell kind of love 

Because you’ve never felt or seen this kind of love…coming from a woman …

See .. When you love, you just love. It just flows out of you. And I got a lot in me so beware if you can’t handle real unwatered down love. 

With that said, just because I’m a woman and you’re a man doesn’t mean that the love I give you is romantic love. It’s God inspired love. Nothing more. Nothing less. But something beautiful. Now enjoy it. Feel it. Breathe it in like fresh wind.

And then pass it on…or maybe even give some back …❤️


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