Good Things to Come!!! I Am So #Grateful [#Affirmation]

Good things are coming, I can feel it in my bones!!! Join me as I take a moment to claim goodness with this affirmation.

I accept all the marvelous good things now and to come.

Gainful employment for myself and all my loved ones

Financial increase and new doors of opportunity 

Protection and love all around 

New houses that I can call my own 

Good health and healing all over my body and my bones

Spirtual peace and happiness

Clear mind and thoughtfulness

Travels to beautiful places like beaches, big cities and ancient lands

Stylish clothes and a fit body to wear them in

New business ideas that are prospering

Abundance, abundnace abundance and increase in all areas of my life 

Creative thoughts and ideas that give me life

Healthy children all around that bring me joy and hope

New recipes and a nice kitchen and good people to share my delicious cooking with…

A pet or plant that I can love and care for

All debt and all doubt cancelled out

Thankful right now for the goodness in my heart

For fresh new starts and people who believe in me and pour love and encouragement into me

For deliverance and healing and new feelings of joy

For the sun shining, clean water, food to eat and a warm place to sleep

For prayer and open communication with my Heavenly Father, the source of love and life

And for new friends and acquaintances that bring new memories and moments of pleasure

Grateful for this day my daily bread 

Thankful for righteousness 

Thankful for my wonderful life

Thankful for peace in my heart

Thankful for hugs and kisses

Thankful for good wishes

Thankful for inspiring songs and people of integrity and truth

Thankful for freedom fighters and courageous souls who fight for humanity and justice

Thankful for inspiring messages of song and dance

Thankful for dreams and Angels that give us new hope for tomorrow

Thankful for money in my pocket and money on its way

Thankful for time to meditate and time to pray …

Grateful for my spirit of gratefulness that commands this day ….

Grateful to God for creating me and you and giving me another day to enjoy this life … And get it “right”

Thank you Lord

My heart is so full

I claim nothing but good things to come

I am so overwhelmingly grateful!


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