Moment of Gratitude 

Moment of Gratitude: Never underestimate the kindness of others. One day last week I left my jacket on the bus (somehow didn’t realize it) and then the bus driver took it home, washed it for me and brought it back nice and clean because she said it fell in a puddle when she was carrying it to her car. She gave it to a guy I barely knew that rides the same bus with me from time to time and he held it in his car for a week all this time and gave it to me. I was FLOORED! 

It may just be a shawl or jacket but it was the energy and time they took to make sure that my item was returned in better condition than I left it that made me appreciate their actions.

They didn’t have to do that but they cared that much to do it. Every now and then God sends me a sign of why I should act in kindness towards others ….when you are the recipient of kindness you understand how special it is & how it made you feel …. It’s worth it to continue to pass on that feeling to others!!!! I am so grateful!!


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