BeastMode: Taming That Inner Beast 

I rarely flex my claws and show my inner beast because when I do it scares me– I go from 10 to 10,000 in a millisecond and it’s nothing I’m proud of saying. At an early age I leaned that I have the ability to zero in on a target and not let up until the target is destroyed or uplifted … Depending on how you look at life. The truth is I don’t enjoy the inner beast. It’s a sign of weakness to me. It scares me. It’s unpredictable and if taken to far is very dangerous. Anger, retaliation, desires for revenge and destruction wear on your spirit and lower your vibration. There is a better way and I thank God for showing me this through years of fighting to tame that beast and quiet it’s roar and its venomous bite.
Many of us are walking around with an inner beast that’s so toxic and destructive that it ain’t even funny. Unfortunately we live in a doggie dog world that teaches and applauds us for being mean spirited and conniving and flexing that beast nonstop. I have observed that people love to misinterpret kindness for weakness … That’s where I think human kind gets it wrong. It’s easy to flex that beast and lose control when things don’t go our way or when we feel slighted or disrespected. But I will tell you that it takes a lot more strength and courage to be kind and adopt an attitude of servitude and peace then to be mean spirited, narrow minded and selfish in your actions. 

The fact is that sometimes you have to tame that inner “beast” in order for you to be truly powerful in life. We have to pick our battles. If we went around flexing our inner beast everyday and acting like a tyrant then people will not really take us seriously or you risk isolating yourself and never getting ahead because so same person wants to be around a raging beast all the time. 

If we can work on quieting our minds and quieting that inner beast then peace will prevail and we all win. You will get what you want and the people around you won’t feel uncomfortable around you and they will respect you a lot more for your restraint.

Now I know that every now and then you sometimes got to let that beast rise up and release itself from the bondage of self restraint. Sometimes that just naturally has to happen. But I encourage you to practice alternative techniques that empower you to transfer the energy of that mighty beast from negativity towards something more positive and productive. This can be done through prayer and meditation (my favs), 30 or more minutes of exercise, yoga, walking outside in nature, volunteering, caring for a child, pet or plant, getting a massage, taking a hot relaxing detox bath, journaling, being creative and many other self indulging or love filled positive activities that negate the negativity. 

Also know what triggers your inner beast so that you can predict and prepare yourself for a potential “beast” uprising. Knowing our triggers in life is so important and necessary for growth and spiritual progression. 

Thanking God for that quiet inner beast! Thanking God for the wisdom to know when and how to peacefully flex that beast and when to let that beast simmer and just rest in its cage.💜💜💜


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