Trying to Digest the Horrific Murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (#RIP) 

I struggled with digesting the recent killing of Alton Sterlingand Philando Castile. 

I prayed but received no answer. Then as I was on the bus, I saw a vision in my mind of young lawyers around a table with a blueprint, planning. And it hit me!  

There is no need for any of us to feel helpless because we are equipped with what we need to overcome this. 

It hit me that to overcome this we must Use our talents, training and resources to fight these injustices. 

That means:

Lovers love. Artists create. Legal minds strategize. Singers sing. Writers write. Journalist document the stories and human experiences. Doctors save lives. Pastors uplift your congregations. Admins coordinate and organize. People with any funds … support the victims families. Educators, educate. Celebs, influence. Prayer warriors, pray. Police officers stand up against “officers” that unjustly take lives. Find your voice in your talents and trainings and your resources. Find your stance but somehow stand.

I admit, I was at a stand still because I felt so helpless in this situation and then this thought came to me. We are not helpless but in fact equipped with multiple ways to serve and help. We all were given special gifts and some of us given access to wealth and resources. Well we need access to your capital now … Aka your talents, trainings and resources. Now is the time to use them positively to help our brothers and sisters suffering and to protect our generation and generations to come. This is my take on things!!! And in the midst of all this darkness,vibrate high – meaning try to stay uplifted and positive although it’s hard!!!!


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