Ask and You Shall Receive (God Is Good)

If you doubt God that’s your business. But who do you think created you, the earth, moon, star and water 💦 that we rely on everyday. The stars, diversity in the animal kingdom and variety of hues and complexions and complexities of human beings are all God orchestrated. 
I can’t tell others what to believe. I’m just grateful I know the truth that has been shown to me through my prayer life and asking God to show me He’s real. Even in my times of doubting, times of hurting, he has always showed me that He is present and that He loves me. 

Life is hard but when you trust in God and learn to give your burdens and worries and heartache and disappointment to him and choose to live giving Him glory and living in love treating people right, I’ve learned that you will always be OK… God is good, he is all knowing and He loves us all. It’s just that some of us choose to reject His love and question his presence & authority. If you are an unbeliever, I challenge you to just simply ask God to show you he’s real. Confess to our Heavenly Father that you want to know Him but have questions and that you need those questions answered. I believe He will show up in miraculous ways for you just as he has done so many times for me. But that requires an open heart ❤️ and our part to let him in our life fully and completely. 


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