Changing Tides (Poem)

Teach me your sweet Swahili

Cast your magic

To bring me near

Your positive energy

I do not fear

And, I’m happy

To be your “dear”

We indulge in Indian food

Enjoy a romantic Saturday brunch

Watch Madea movies and go to plays

In your warm arms

All day

I can stay

We give more smiles than talking

Because with you

My thoughts you’re blocking

You erase my mental load

Your light shines like glistening gold

We can smile

And laugh forever

I really just want to be free

Free to love endlessly

And give each other time

We both need

Free to feel

Without pain

Free to be seen

Without fame

Free to relax

With no strifes

Free to experience a drama free life

Sorrows have drifted out to sea

They no longer greet me

The tides have now changed

Ever since you came

Now I’ll never be the same

Now I’ll never be the same



I recorded this too. Check out the “spoken word” version here on YouTube.

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