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Ask and You Shall Receive (God Is Good)

If you doubt God that’s your business. But who do you think created you, the earth, moon, star and water 💦 that we rely on everyday. The stars, diversity in the animal kingdom and variety of hues and complexions and complexities of human beings are all God orchestrated. 
I can’t tell others what to believe. I’m just grateful I know the truth that has been shown to me through my prayer life and asking God to show me He’s real. Even in my times of doubting, times of hurting, he has always showed me that He is present and that He loves me. 

Life is hard but when you trust in God and learn to give your burdens and worries and heartache and disappointment to him and choose to live giving Him glory and living in love treating people right, I’ve learned that you will always be OK… God is good, he is all knowing and He loves us all. It’s just that some of us choose to reject His love and question his presence & authority. If you are an unbeliever, I challenge you to just simply ask God to show you he’s real. Confess to our Heavenly Father that you want to know Him but have questions and that you need those questions answered. I believe He will show up in miraculous ways for you just as he has done so many times for me. But that requires an open heart ❤️ and our part to let him in our life fully and completely. 


Your Energy Is Limited + Daily #Affirmation 

Your energy each day is limited … What are you putting yours into? What you invest your time into tells on itself. Don’t waste your precious energy on things or people that don’t better your life.
Affirmation: Today I choose to put energy into things that advance my goals, nourish my well being and make me happy. I will walk away and remove myself from toxic thoughts, people and situations and radiate on a high frequency choosing to make the best out of my day and this blessed life I’m graced to live.

Thought of the Day: You Can’t Build Something on a “Maybe” 

Just thinking about an interesting talk I had with one of my friends about the issue of non commitment in our society. I’m gonna leave this here and this applies to all relationships, personal or business …. You can not build on a “maybe.” In order to build you have to have a firm foundation and that comes from making a decision, yes or no if you are going to be in a relationship. Peace comes from transparency. Chaos comes from un decisiveness. Peace is functional and chaos is dysfunctional. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be functional. I respect people a whole lot more when they come 💯 from the start and don’t play games. Ain’t no body got time for games. Don’t take my word for it …. Try building something on a maybe and see what happens …..😳

Light Hands Make Light Work 

We have to collectively learn to pull the heavy weight together. I think as a people, for humanity’s sake, when injustices occur we can not expect one person (or one group) to continuously carry the heavy burden or load. For one, we need to pray and seek guidance. I don’t think we can fight this battle without God. Then we must step up, find our voice, find groups of like minded positive people to align with, do small things and big things … Whatever it is in your power to do….you must do it. Do it because it’s the right thing to do. Do it because it will satisfy your soul. 
And when you do it, evangelize by sharing what you’ve done with the world. Negativity is speaking loud these days. Evil is speaking loud these days. That means we need to let God speak even louder through us by our actions. And our actions must be rooted and secured in love. Just my thoughts for today. 💜💜💜

Trying to Digest the Horrific Murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (#RIP) 

I struggled with digesting the recent killing of Alton Sterlingand Philando Castile. 

I prayed but received no answer. Then as I was on the bus, I saw a vision in my mind of young lawyers around a table with a blueprint, planning. And it hit me!  

There is no need for any of us to feel helpless because we are equipped with what we need to overcome this. 

It hit me that to overcome this we must Use our talents, training and resources to fight these injustices. 

That means:

Lovers love. Artists create. Legal minds strategize. Singers sing. Writers write. Journalist document the stories and human experiences. Doctors save lives. Pastors uplift your congregations. Admins coordinate and organize. People with any funds … support the victims families. Educators, educate. Celebs, influence. Prayer warriors, pray. Police officers stand up against “officers” that unjustly take lives. Find your voice in your talents and trainings and your resources. Find your stance but somehow stand.

I admit, I was at a stand still because I felt so helpless in this situation and then this thought came to me. We are not helpless but in fact equipped with multiple ways to serve and help. We all were given special gifts and some of us given access to wealth and resources. Well we need access to your capital now … Aka your talents, trainings and resources. Now is the time to use them positively to help our brothers and sisters suffering and to protect our generation and generations to come. This is my take on things!!! And in the midst of all this darkness,vibrate high – meaning try to stay uplifted and positive although it’s hard!!!!

Reality Check: You Use People

Had a conversation with my homegirl this weekend and we concluded that:
“everyone uses everyone.” Life is transactional. 

So with that said, why can’t people just be honest and say what they want to “use” that person for and if that individual is with it than great but if not move then move on to the next …. 

That makes good business sense to me. I think it’s when folks are dishonest and sneaky and misrepresent their true intentions that people get angry and backlash and there is collateral damage …. 

In life, partnerships are created based on two entities needing or wanting something from the other person. Contracts are drafted everyday based on two consenting entities entering into a mutually beneficial arrangement. Wouldn’t you rather have someone tell you out front what they want from you and then you can decide if there is something you want from them and move on from there. 

Relationships are not or shouldn’t be that tricky. But somehow people make them so complicated via lies and deceit ….and that leave a lot of people bitter and resentful. Kind of like “buyers remorse” …

I know a friend of mine that got pregnant. She wasn’t ready to have a child but the guy she was with wanted her to have his baby and he wanted to find a way to make her stay. Did they have the baby? Yes. Did she stay with him? No. Deep down I wondered what would’ve been the outcome of he just flat out told her, I love you, I want you to have my Children and she told him her desires. Her desires at the time was to start her business but not to have kids.  

Their relationship ended not long after their child was born which left a feeling of divide and brokenness and disappointment in their lives and in the child’s life.

Sometimes I wonder if they would have stayed together if the two were honest with each other about what they want from one another. 

Maybe if they were honest he would have moved on and entered into a relationship with someone who really wanted to settle down and have children at that time in their life. Still everything happens for a reason…and a blessing of a wonderful child came from that union but not with out some very painful collateral damage. 

I think a lot about how relationships operate in this day in age. Do people really “marry” out of love or is it something else like necessity or convenience (to help pay bills, have someone to cook for them, please physical desires, etc). What are you using your partner for? I’m sure it’s something.  I wonder how much healthier relationships and families and people would be if they were in tune with what they wanted and communicated those desires to their beloved.I think this is a reasonable thing that people can start doing it’s important to evaluate what do you need from this person that you can’t have by yourself. Is it kids and building a family? Is it emotional companionship? Is it physical companionship? Good conversation? Is it financial resources? Ask yourself what does the other person want from me and most importantly am I willing to give of those things . 

If nothing else I think these are observations  and eventually conversations that need to take place before any real relationship or commitment can be made.

Everything in life is transactional…what are you willing to give and what do you want to take?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this…..

BeastMode: Taming That Inner Beast 

I rarely flex my claws and show my inner beast because when I do it scares me– I go from 10 to 10,000 in a millisecond and it’s nothing I’m proud of saying. At an early age I leaned that I have the ability to zero in on a target and not let up until the target is destroyed or uplifted … Depending on how you look at life. The truth is I don’t enjoy the inner beast. It’s a sign of weakness to me. It scares me. It’s unpredictable and if taken to far is very dangerous. Anger, retaliation, desires for revenge and destruction wear on your spirit and lower your vibration. There is a better way and I thank God for showing me this through years of fighting to tame that beast and quiet it’s roar and its venomous bite.
Many of us are walking around with an inner beast that’s so toxic and destructive that it ain’t even funny. Unfortunately we live in a doggie dog world that teaches and applauds us for being mean spirited and conniving and flexing that beast nonstop. I have observed that people love to misinterpret kindness for weakness … That’s where I think human kind gets it wrong. It’s easy to flex that beast and lose control when things don’t go our way or when we feel slighted or disrespected. But I will tell you that it takes a lot more strength and courage to be kind and adopt an attitude of servitude and peace then to be mean spirited, narrow minded and selfish in your actions. 

The fact is that sometimes you have to tame that inner “beast” in order for you to be truly powerful in life. We have to pick our battles. If we went around flexing our inner beast everyday and acting like a tyrant then people will not really take us seriously or you risk isolating yourself and never getting ahead because so same person wants to be around a raging beast all the time. 

If we can work on quieting our minds and quieting that inner beast then peace will prevail and we all win. You will get what you want and the people around you won’t feel uncomfortable around you and they will respect you a lot more for your restraint.

Now I know that every now and then you sometimes got to let that beast rise up and release itself from the bondage of self restraint. Sometimes that just naturally has to happen. But I encourage you to practice alternative techniques that empower you to transfer the energy of that mighty beast from negativity towards something more positive and productive. This can be done through prayer and meditation (my favs), 30 or more minutes of exercise, yoga, walking outside in nature, volunteering, caring for a child, pet or plant, getting a massage, taking a hot relaxing detox bath, journaling, being creative and many other self indulging or love filled positive activities that negate the negativity. 

Also know what triggers your inner beast so that you can predict and prepare yourself for a potential “beast” uprising. Knowing our triggers in life is so important and necessary for growth and spiritual progression. 

Thanking God for that quiet inner beast! Thanking God for the wisdom to know when and how to peacefully flex that beast and when to let that beast simmer and just rest in its cage.💜💜💜

We All Need Cheerleaders … Cheer on, Cheer on! 

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement. Sometimes we all need a cheerleader on our team that will push us to our destiny when we our doubting ourselves. Sometimes we all need someone to say “go for it” when that lurking small voice of defeat is saying “you’re not good enough.” 

Where did that voice come from? Where did it orginate? Why do we not run the race when the race was designed for us to win? Why, why why…

Today, I thank those that have pushed me along even when that small voice become louder and louder and almost seemed like the truth when it was a lie. 

Because of the louder voice of my spirit speaking and my cheerleaders pushing me, I have achieved. I achieved because God sent me someone to smack me up side my head and say “work hard” “go for your dreams” “you are deserving” “you are worthy” and most importantly “you will win.”

Thank God for our cheerleaders! We all have had somebody that pushed us to succeed and excel against all odds. And that is something to celebrate. 

But in realizing the crazy world we live in I can understand if you have not experienced the helping hand of a cheerleader. If that’s your story and you have been your only cheerleader don’t fret. Remember you were born to win because you are schools of the most high! In fact if you have been your cheerleader I applaud you because that takes incredible strength because sometimes the best cheerleader …is ourself.

Prayer Moment:
Heavenly Father, oh gracious God, I thank you for life. I thank you for my good days. I thank you for my bad days. I thank you for moments that allowed me to reflect, to mourn, to cry, to grow and to appreciate the brighter days. Lord I thank you for your gentle reminders that you send in your biblical word that reminds us that we are above and not beneath, that we are the head and not the tail, that we are made in your perfect image and are designed to reign and be victorious. Thank you Lord for your saving grace and for friend and family and even complete strangers that you send as our cheerleaders in our moments of darkness and doubt. Thank you for being our number one cheerleader and even when no one is around, you are around communicating to us our greatness in You. 
Lord I just want to say thank you for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I graciously lift up every cheerleader that has ever poured love and encouragement into me. I am truly thankful. Praise your Holy name oh God for you are my serenity, my strength and my sweet peace. Oh Lord I thank you for being my number one fan. In Jesus name, Amen.

Just a Few Keys to Happiness …. 

Let go of expectations. Live in the now. Enjoy your freedom to simply be you without the pressure of conforming to worldly social norms. Find your voice. Be courageous in your life pursuits. Courage fuels everything. Love yourself. Love others. Love your creator. Love your life. Simply be. And be grateful for who and what you are no matter what. Breathe. Pause. Smile. Be Gracious. These are some of the keys to happiness … #LessonsLearned