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We All Need Cheerleaders … Cheer on, Cheer on! 

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement. Sometimes we all need a cheerleader on our team that will push us to our destiny when we our doubting ourselves. Sometimes we all need someone to say “go for it” when that lurking small voice of defeat is saying “you’re not good enough.” 

Where did that voice come from? Where did it orginate? Why do we not run the race when the race was designed for us to win? Why, why why…

Today, I thank those that have pushed me along even when that small voice become louder and louder and almost seemed like the truth when it was a lie. 

Because of the louder voice of my spirit speaking and my cheerleaders pushing me, I have achieved. I achieved because God sent me someone to smack me up side my head and say “work hard” “go for your dreams” “you are deserving” “you are worthy” and most importantly “you will win.”

Thank God for our cheerleaders! We all have had somebody that pushed us to succeed and excel against all odds. And that is something to celebrate. 

But in realizing the crazy world we live in I can understand if you have not experienced the helping hand of a cheerleader. If that’s your story and you have been your only cheerleader don’t fret. Remember you were born to win because you are schools of the most high! In fact if you have been your cheerleader I applaud you because that takes incredible strength because sometimes the best cheerleader …is ourself.

Prayer Moment:
Heavenly Father, oh gracious God, I thank you for life. I thank you for my good days. I thank you for my bad days. I thank you for moments that allowed me to reflect, to mourn, to cry, to grow and to appreciate the brighter days. Lord I thank you for your gentle reminders that you send in your biblical word that reminds us that we are above and not beneath, that we are the head and not the tail, that we are made in your perfect image and are designed to reign and be victorious. Thank you Lord for your saving grace and for friend and family and even complete strangers that you send as our cheerleaders in our moments of darkness and doubt. Thank you for being our number one cheerleader and even when no one is around, you are around communicating to us our greatness in You. 
Lord I just want to say thank you for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I graciously lift up every cheerleader that has ever poured love and encouragement into me. I am truly thankful. Praise your Holy name oh God for you are my serenity, my strength and my sweet peace. Oh Lord I thank you for being my number one fan. In Jesus name, Amen.


Just a Few Keys to Happiness …. 

Let go of expectations. Live in the now. Enjoy your freedom to simply be you without the pressure of conforming to worldly social norms. Find your voice. Be courageous in your life pursuits. Courage fuels everything. Love yourself. Love others. Love your creator. Love your life. Simply be. And be grateful for who and what you are no matter what. Breathe. Pause. Smile. Be Gracious. These are some of the keys to happiness … #LessonsLearned 

Good Things to Come!!! I Am So #Grateful [#Affirmation]

Good things are coming, I can feel it in my bones!!! Join me as I take a moment to claim goodness with this affirmation.

I accept all the marvelous good things now and to come.

Gainful employment for myself and all my loved ones

Financial increase and new doors of opportunity 

Protection and love all around 

New houses that I can call my own 

Good health and healing all over my body and my bones

Spirtual peace and happiness

Clear mind and thoughtfulness

Travels to beautiful places like beaches, big cities and ancient lands

Stylish clothes and a fit body to wear them in

New business ideas that are prospering

Abundance, abundnace abundance and increase in all areas of my life 

Creative thoughts and ideas that give me life

Healthy children all around that bring me joy and hope

New recipes and a nice kitchen and good people to share my delicious cooking with…

A pet or plant that I can love and care for

All debt and all doubt cancelled out

Thankful right now for the goodness in my heart

For fresh new starts and people who believe in me and pour love and encouragement into me

For deliverance and healing and new feelings of joy

For the sun shining, clean water, food to eat and a warm place to sleep

For prayer and open communication with my Heavenly Father, the source of love and life

And for new friends and acquaintances that bring new memories and moments of pleasure

Grateful for this day my daily bread 

Thankful for righteousness 

Thankful for my wonderful life

Thankful for peace in my heart

Thankful for hugs and kisses

Thankful for good wishes

Thankful for inspiring songs and people of integrity and truth

Thankful for freedom fighters and courageous souls who fight for humanity and justice

Thankful for inspiring messages of song and dance

Thankful for dreams and Angels that give us new hope for tomorrow

Thankful for money in my pocket and money on its way

Thankful for time to meditate and time to pray …

Grateful for my spirit of gratefulness that commands this day ….

Grateful to God for creating me and you and giving me another day to enjoy this life … And get it “right”

Thank you Lord

My heart is so full

I claim nothing but good things to come

I am so overwhelmingly grateful!

Don’t Automatically Assume That My Love Is Romantically Motivated …..[Poetic Thoughts]

My cup of love runneth over …

It’s full to capacity

Therefore It has to be released 

And since you’re there right in front of me, I might as well give my love to thee

I write this letter, these poetic thoughts as a way to reminisce of the love I give, the love I’ve given and to let you know that this love does not come with romantic agendas … Hidden. 

I laugh out loud of the many men who see my smile, my unfiltered heart, my warmth, my care and they assume I’m trying to be “theirs” 

Please do not misinterpret 

Don’t add “other” innuendos and fantasies to this love frequency

I give of my love freely

No other motives or desires 

But its pure from the spirit kind of love

The “I want to see you do well” kind of love 

Even if we’re not together 

It’s a deep spiritual kind of love that’s as pure as the water dug from ancient wells 

Make your brain swell kind of love 

Because you’ve never felt or seen this kind of love…coming from a woman …

See .. When you love, you just love. It just flows out of you. And I got a lot in me so beware if you can’t handle real unwatered down love. 

With that said, just because I’m a woman and you’re a man doesn’t mean that the love I give you is romantic love. It’s God inspired love. Nothing more. Nothing less. But something beautiful. Now enjoy it. Feel it. Breathe it in like fresh wind.

And then pass it on…or maybe even give some back …❤️

Another Soul Lost To Drugs … My Heart Weeps For Our World 

Another soul lost to drugs. Too many loved ones and people just giving their minds and life away. They don’t see the value in themselves. They let shame, hurt, anger, doubt, insecurity, rage, idleness, sadness and all things negative take control. But I do see the value. I see the light and tears flowed the moment that light dimmed. God loves them and so do I. Why can’t they see. And it hurts so deeply to watch a life just drift into the sea of substance abuse and addiction. Please pray for this world. My heart is so heavy right now. Feel like we’re in this intense spiritual battle and there is this dark negative energy trying to kill the light in people. God we need you. I need you. I can’t stand to see another loved one hand their life over like this … Please God, intervene. In Jesus name, amen.

Word of advice: watch who you and your loved ones hang with, especially during hard times. The enemy comes like a thief in the night. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. He comes at your weakest moments. When you have no income. When you just broke up with someone or lost a loved one. When you’ve been picked on and teased and feel broken and depleted. When you’ve made a bad decision and feel bad. He knows when to strike you so u got to be smarter and know how to strike him down with the word of God. See, Satan is a coward and dare not touch you when you’re strong. When you feel weak call on God to make you strong. Remember you can do all things through Christ whom strengthens you. Get in fellowship at your church if life gets demanding, you feel hopeless and if you’re hurting. You owe this to you and everyone who loves you. Don’t turn away from God and those that know and love you and can encourage you. Don’t get confused with false love. Misery loves company. Someone who loves you would never ever introduce you to drugs. Remember when you are away from the pact is when you will be targeted the most … It’s easier to take you out. So don’t allow yourself to slip into isolation. Seek God and seek the fellowship of true believers for strength. This too shall pass. Hard times don’t last always. But bad habits are hard to break so when life gets hard (and it will) resist the temptation to quiet the hurt with drugs and other addictive behaviors. It’s not worth the headache or heartache.

Why Trusting You… Is So Important to Your Survival and Self Esteem ❤️

Today I wanted to talk about “trust.” Not so much about trusting others but trusting you and your God given intuition and ability to discern and identify motives, intentions and the actions of others — especially when it relates to you and your well being.

What is intuition? Intuition comes in many forms and in many ways. For us book smart folks, intuition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Another definition is “a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.” 

For me, intuition is a nagging feeling and heaviness that comes over me when something is not right or when I am in a potentially harmful situation. In the religious or spiritual world it’s known as “the spirit of discernment.” In plain talk or as some would say “street talk” …. Intuition is “the ability to detect BS.”

However you decide to define it, intuition plays a major part in our development, growth, decesion making, safety, survival and self esteem. 

For example, as part of my intuition, I know when there is love present. I know when I feel negativity. I know when someone is out to prey on others or “use” folks.  I can even detect a lie covered up in a lie. I have learned through life that lack of honesty or liars are probably my biggest agony and pet peeve. The one thing I detest with every ounce of my soul is a liar. Because if you lie, “you will cheat, steal, kill and destroy.”

Now please don’t take this the wrong way. I’ve lied before — more times than I care to admit. I am not saying that I’m a perfect saint but for the most part I am an honest person. Even if it hurts, I will tell you the truth. I’ve had to let go of relationships that I’ve cherished because I was too honest and cared too much about that person to live in dishonesty. I make it a point to be this way because my soul can not and will not tolerate lies, lies, lies.

I don’t know about you but when someone lies to my face its almost equivalent to someone spitting in my face and completely disrespecting my soul. A wise man (my dad) once said “I can’t stand a liar.” I see now why he would put so much emphasis on us kids yelling the truth. Honesty makes us tougher. Honesty builds character. Honesty allows for truth to heal our souls and our life situations. As the saying goes “the truth will set us free.” Honesty truly is the best policy which is why I have learned to trust my intuition and observations and the “sum” of peoples action when sizing up if a situation, opportunity or person is a good healthy fit for my life.  That goes back to our intuition and making sure we listen to the truth our soul or spirit is telling us. 

Why is it important to listen? If you get nothing else from this message please be sure to walk away with the most important piece — you must listen to your intuition. No matter what people say to try and place doubt in your mind — you must stand your ground and listen to your intuition.  

It’s important to listen and be in tune with self for so many reasons. 

Listening will give you peace. 

Listening can protect your health, well being and safety.

 Listening to your intuition can save you precious valuable time. 

Listening can help you get in preparation for your blessing. 

Listening can prevent pain, heartbreak, regret and disappointment. 

Listening can empower you. Listening can save your life. 

Listen will affirm your self worth and self esteem.

Listening makes you powerful beyond measure. 

Sometimes when we listen we get resistance, especially if “listening” means that someone else loses out on being a part of your life or getting from you what they want. Listening can sometimes ignite feelings of anger, pain, confusion and many other negative emotions from others and sometimes in yourself if you let it. 

What I’ve  experienced is that sometimes  when we call people out or walk away from them because we’re listening to “self” and a higher “consciousness” you will see their ego and true colors come out. They may try to place “blame” on you, play the “victim,” call you “crazy” and put you down. Don’t let that sway you. These are signs that more than likely your intuition was right. Keep it moving and pray for them and that situation. 

Listening will help you maintain or in many cases affirm your self esteem. Listening will help you maintain a peaceful and happy heart in a world full of chaos, hurt and insecure people.

So I leave you with this very important life experience and tip — trust YOU and your God given intuition. It is sacred. It is your compass. It is your lifeline to survive  and live confidently and securely in this crazy world full of uncertain people and situations that aren’t good for you. But with the bad also comes the good. Meaning, just how your intuition can protect you it can lead you towards healthy people, situations and opportunity and allow you to live your life to the fullest.

I sincerely hope you learn to trust your intuition and listen to what your higher consciousness is telling you.

God Bless ….. And as always, I leave you with love, light and truth. 💕

Kindness Is Magic

I’m going to preach and teach today. Sorry this is not for the faint of heart but for the realists out there who can release ego for a moment to consider this obeservation on “kindness.”

We live in a world that promotes selfishness and for the most part turns its nose up at kindness. Sure we have the “random acts of kindness” that go viral on the internet every now and then and touch our souls and rock our hearts…but how do we really feel about kindness?

Is kindness something we think is a weakness? Is kindness something our culture sees as a lack of strength … You know the saying “the good guy finsishes last …” Or how about we consider what someone once told me about my kindness. This person basically said “how will you survive in this world you are too nice.” Yeah she couldn’t see how I could make it without being cold hearted, selfish and “all about me.”

I just looked at her with that priceless affectionate smile while my inner being prayed for her and her lack of wisdom. I thought to myself this girl needs some re-education on the way this universe works. What you put out there, you receive. So the reason for my survival and success is because I give and treat others be way I would like to be treated. And that kindness and love always comes back ten fold. God honors kindness. He honors us when we bless others and treat others with high regard and respect   – we All end up getting all that in return  while maintaining peace in our hearts.

Let me just put some re-education out there to educate those that have been miseducated on kindness. 

Kindness is MAGIC. Kindness changes lives and lifts people up to a higher level of living. Being stingy, selfish and only looking out for self is when you live a cold miserable unfulfilling life. That’s when depression and grief and loneliness settle. That’s when you begin to live in darkness and as we know we need light and love to grow — just like any life form on this precious earth.

When you give from your heart with no intention of receiving recognition or reward, then you change your entire vibration. You, with your one act of kindness can literally disarm the most venomous evil acting person. You and your kind heart and knock the “HELL” out of someone. 

In this society we have allowed the messages of the world and not Gods word to permeate our minds either subconsciously or consciously.

Jesus said the greatest commandment was to Give love. Love to God, love to your neighbor as you love yourself. And if you love God you should be overflowing with self love and appreciation for the kindness he gave to create you and me. The verse reads:

“Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”  Matthew 22:37-40

I leave that to say, know that your kindness is not in vain despite messages we hear in the world. Give unto others, even if it is just love that you have to give. We can not live on bread alone, love is just as powerful and meaningful as material possessions. But if you have extra food, money, talents and time to share with someone, do it. When faced with the option of acting out of selfishness or ego choose humility and kindness instead. 

Remember kindness is magic and it is the key to prospering and surviving in this cold chilly self centered world.

We were created in love so we must be an extension of that love shown to us when God created us as have us the gift on life on this earth.

Kindness is magic. Kindness is magic. Kindness is magic — and don’t you ever forget it 🙂 

A Special Prayer For Our Little One’s

Good day/evening good people. It’s been a while since I posted  a prayer and this one hit me tonight after a fabulous weekend hanging out with my little cousins, nephew and participating in a nice radiothon supporting First Place Scholars – a school for underserved and homeless youth. I thought about the kids and especially the ones that are in need of loving guidance, support, encouragement and a proper education. I thought about the kids that need good teachers and mentors around them and also the struggles that parents face trying to provide for their children in a tight economy. With that said, this special prayer is for our little one’s out there. I believe if we just continue to lift up our young ones in prayer that the next generation will be better, more compassionate, more loving and even more successful and wiser then our generation.

—Prayer — 

Glory to God! Holy and righteous is thy name, Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord for this day my daily bread and for blessing me with the wonderful companionship of family. Bless the little ones, this next generation. Let their souls soar like eagles and accomplish more and more then our minds can even conceive. Pour into them a Christ like mentality of helping others and spreading love. Protect them from persecution and judgment and keep them focused on the righteous path that you have created just for them.

I rebuke the spirit of complacency, low self esteem and any negative influences from the world around them. Bless their parents dear Lord. Show them how to be the best mom and dad. Grow their parents up in maturity, patience, humility, frugality and wisdom – the kind of wisdom that only your Holy Spirit can provide. Lord I love you and lift up your name. You are the most high, ruler of all the nations and King of glory. You are who I live to serve and I marvel in your all mighty power and righteousness.

Thank you God for your most excellent healing divine and loving presence. You reign! In Jesus name, Amen!

Remembering Grandma…Today Was A Good Day

My grandmas on my mind….I had a dream last night that we were cooking together and she was showing me some stuff. Then Mahalia Jackson came on my playlist (her favorite artist) while I was on my way to work. The song that played was (if I could hear my mother pray again). It almost had me in tears. And then today while making tuna croquettes I laughed at work with some of our guests about good ol’ southern recipes because only a few of the guest knew what a croquette was…. We reminisced about watching our grandmas tear it up in the kitchen and make magic out of nothing. My “gma” is definitely alive and vibrant in spirit and memory and today I send her a special “I love u gma” shoutout! Ms. Willie Mae… Thoughts of you made my day. All in all today was a good day!