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Ask and You Shall Receive (God Is Good)

If you doubt God that’s your business. But who do you think created you, the earth, moon, star and water šŸ’¦ that we rely on everyday. The stars, diversity in the animal kingdom and variety of hues and complexions and complexities of human beings are all God orchestrated. 
I can’t tell others what to believe. I’m just grateful I know the truth that has been shown to me through my prayer life and asking God to show me He’s real. Even in my times of doubting, times of hurting, he has always showed me that He is present and that He loves me. 

Life is hard but when you trust in God and learn to give your burdens and worries and heartache and disappointment to him and choose to live giving Him glory and living in love treating people right, I’ve learned that you will always be OK… God is good, he is all knowing and He loves us all. It’s just that some of us choose to reject His love and question his presence & authority. If you are an unbeliever, I challenge you to just simply ask God to show you he’s real. Confess to our Heavenly Father that you want to know Him but have questions and that you need those questions answered. I believe He will show up in miraculous ways for you just as he has done so many times for me. But that requires an open heart ā¤ļø and our part to let him in our life fully and completely. 


Your Energy Is Limited + Daily #AffirmationĀ 

Your energy each day is limited … What are you putting yours into? What you invest your time into tells on itself. Don’t waste your precious energy on things or people that don’t better your life.
Affirmation: Today I choose to put energy into things that advance my goals, nourish my well being and make me happy. I will walk away and remove myself from toxic thoughts, people and situations and radiate on a high frequency choosing to make the best out of my day and this blessed life I’m graced to live.

Thought of the Day: You Can’t Build Something on a “Maybe”Ā 

Just thinking about an interesting talk I had with one of my friends about the issue of non commitment in our society. I’m gonna leave this here and this applies to all relationships, personal or business …. You can not build on a “maybe.” In order to build you have to have a firm foundation and that comes from making a decision, yes or no if you are going to be in a relationship. Peace comes from transparency. Chaos comes from un decisiveness. Peace is functional and chaos is dysfunctional. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be functional. I respect people a whole lot more when they come šŸ’Æ from the start and don’t play games. Ain’t no body got time for games. Don’t take my word for it …. Try building something on a maybe and see what happens …..šŸ˜³

Light Hands Make Light WorkĀ 

We have to collectively learn to pull the heavy weight together. I think as a people, for humanity’s sake, when injustices occur we can not expect one person (or one group) to continuously carry the heavy burden or load. For one, we need to pray and seek guidance. I don’t think we can fight this battle without God. Then we must step up, find our voice, find groups of like minded positive people to align with, do small things and big things … Whatever it is in your power to do….you must do it. Do it because it’s the right thing to do. Do it because it will satisfy your soul. 
And when you do it, evangelize by sharing what you’ve done with the world. Negativity is speaking loud these days. Evil is speaking loud these days. That means we need to let God speak even louder through us by our actions. And our actions must be rooted and secured in love. Just my thoughts for today. šŸ’œšŸ’œšŸ’œ

Trying to Digest the Horrific Murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (#RIP)Ā 

I struggled with digesting the recent killing of Alton Sterlingand Philando Castile. 

I prayed but received no answer. Then as I was on the bus, I saw a vision in my mind of young lawyers around a table with a blueprint, planning. And it hit me!  

There is no need for any of us to feel helpless because we are equipped with what we need to overcome this. 

It hit me that to overcome this we must Use our talents, training and resources to fight these injustices. 

That means:

Lovers love. Artists create. Legal minds strategize. Singers sing. Writers write. Journalist document the stories and human experiences. Doctors save lives. Pastors uplift your congregations. Admins coordinate and organize. People with any funds … support the victims families. Educators, educate. Celebs, influence. Prayer warriors, pray. Police officers stand up against “officers” that unjustly take lives. Find your voice in your talents and trainings and your resources. Find your stance but somehow stand.

I admit, I was at a stand still because I felt so helpless in this situation and then this thought came to me. We are not helpless but in fact equipped with multiple ways to serve and help. We all were given special gifts and some of us given access to wealth and resources. Well we need access to your capital now … Aka your talents, trainings and resources. Now is the time to use them positively to help our brothers and sisters suffering and to protect our generation and generations to come. This is my take on things!!! And in the midst of all this darkness,vibrate high – meaning try to stay uplifted and positive although it’s hard!!!!

BeastMode: Taming That Inner BeastĀ 

I rarely flex my claws and show my inner beast because when I do it scares me– I go from 10 to 10,000 in a millisecond and it’s nothing I’m proud of saying. At an early age I leaned that I have the ability to zero in on a target and not let up until the target is destroyed or uplifted … Depending on how you look at life. The truth is I don’t enjoy the inner beast. It’s a sign of weakness to me. It scares me. It’s unpredictable and if taken to far is very dangerous. Anger, retaliation, desires for revenge and destruction wear on your spirit and lower your vibration. There is a better way and I thank God for showing me this through years of fighting to tame that beast and quiet it’s roar and its venomous bite.
Many of us are walking around with an inner beast that’s so toxic and destructive that it ain’t even funny. Unfortunately we live in a doggie dog world that teaches and applauds us for being mean spirited and conniving and flexing that beast nonstop. I have observed that people love to misinterpret kindness for weakness … That’s where I think human kind gets it wrong. It’s easy to flex that beast and lose control when things don’t go our way or when we feel slighted or disrespected. But I will tell you that it takes a lot more strength and courage to be kind and adopt an attitude of servitude and peace then to be mean spirited, narrow minded and selfish in your actions. 

The fact is that sometimes you have to tame that inner “beast” in order for you to be truly powerful in life. We have to pick our battles. If we went around flexing our inner beast everyday and acting like a tyrant then people will not really take us seriously or you risk isolating yourself and never getting ahead because so same person wants to be around a raging beast all the time. 

If we can work on quieting our minds and quieting that inner beast then peace will prevail and we all win. You will get what you want and the people around you won’t feel uncomfortable around you and they will respect you a lot more for your restraint.

Now I know that every now and then you sometimes got to let that beast rise up and release itself from the bondage of self restraint. Sometimes that just naturally has to happen. But I encourage you to practice alternative techniques that empower you to transfer the energy of that mighty beast from negativity towards something more positive and productive. This can be done through prayer and meditation (my favs), 30 or more minutes of exercise, yoga, walking outside in nature, volunteering, caring for a child, pet or plant, getting a massage, taking a hot relaxing detox bath, journaling, being creative and many other self indulging or love filled positive activities that negate the negativity. 

Also know what triggers your inner beast so that you can predict and prepare yourself for a potential “beast” uprising. Knowing our triggers in life is so important and necessary for growth and spiritual progression. 

Thanking God for that quiet inner beast! Thanking God for the wisdom to know when and how to peacefully flex that beast and when to let that beast simmer and just rest in its cage.šŸ’œšŸ’œšŸ’œ

Moment of GratitudeĀ 

Moment of Gratitude: Never underestimate the kindness of others. One day last week I left my jacket on the bus (somehow didn’t realize it) and then the bus driver took it home, washed it for me and brought it back nice and clean because she said it fell in a puddle when she was carrying it to her car. She gave it to a guy I barely knew that rides the same bus with me from time to time and he held it in his car for a week all this time and gave it to me. I was FLOORED! 

It may just be a shawl or jacket but it was the energy and time they took to make sure that my item was returned in better condition than I left it that made me appreciate their actions.

They didn’t have to do that but they cared that much to do it. Every now and then God sends me a sign of why I should act in kindness towards others ….when you are the recipient of kindness you understand how special it is & how it made you feel …. It’s worth it to continue to pass on that feeling to others!!!! I am so grateful!!

I Walk In … [Positive Affirmations]

Lord I walk in …

Your grandiosity 

Your grace 

Your warmth

Your love

Your forgiveness

Your truth 

Your wisdom 

Your pureness

Your healing

Your divine providence 

Your perfection

Your creativity 

Your kindness

Your graciousness 

Your sweetness 

Your prosperity

Your sweet patience

Your meekness

Your frugality

Your abundance

Your obedience 

I gratefully walk in possession of what I need.

I release controlling behaviors and blinding pride.

With you Lord, humbley I stand. Confessing that I want your acceptance of my heart as I repent and depart from all sin.

Lord, I walk happily in your light

I rebuke the dark. I shine like crystal. 

I walk in thankfulness 

I walk in gratitude 

With a positive attitude 

I walk everyday giving thanks to you God for sending Jesus, the mighty one to be an example of how life should be lived and done.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.

For your yoke is easy and your burden light.


The Power of a ComplimentĀ 

Doesn’t it feel good when someone gives you a compliment? Don’t you want to smile and jump through your skin! Compliments are an amazing form of positive energy that vibrates on a high level, touching your inner most spirit and making you feel loved, appreciated and joyous. Even the most miserable people perk up at the sound of a compliment. So with that said, why would anyone want to withhold a compliment. Even if it’s someone you don’t particularly get a long with, do you know how powerful a true and honest compliment can be? It can help someone break out of depression. It can change the energy in a conversation, environment or even help someone feel drenched in good feelings and vibes. Like the soil takes in nutrients that allow seeds to grow our souls also soar after being bathed in words of praise and encouragement.

Even God loves for us to compliment  Him. Do you ever notice how much faster those blessings flow from heaven when we compliment our Heavenly Father and give thanks and praise unto Him.

When we see goodness or something we like and treasure in others, it’s in our best interest and their best interest to send a compliment that way.

Now I’m not saying lie and tell people you like something about them but you really are just saying that to be nice. The key and power behind compliments is authenticity. The vibrations of a lie will neutralize the vibrations of the compliment and our goal is to raise the vibration so we got to be honest.

It’s not hard to find 1 thing you like about someone. It could be something as simple as they have on a nice tie or scarf to something more personal.

Charge up the world with your compliments. Make your personal compliment ministry shine starting today.

7 Compliment Challenge

Now let’s have some fun and start using the power from compliments. This is a simple challenge.

I triple dare you to challenge yourself RIGHT NOW to find 7 great things that you love about God. Next find 7 great things you like about yourself. Lastly, go one step further and find 7 great things you like about someone else and tell them.

In an effort to take up this challenge myself…I decided to do the challenge with you and share my list. Please feel free to share your lists too. I also want to hear about your observations before and after taking the 7 Compliment Challenge. It could be an immediate change of mood or energy around you or the change could take a day or weeks to manifest.

7 Compliment Challenge [My List, as of 2/15/16]

7 Compliments [To God]

1. Lord I love how you created us all in your perfect image

2. Lord I love the beauty of this world you created

3. Lord I love the millions of species of plants and animals and sea life that you created

4. Lord I love your patience 

5. Lord I love that you are the source of infinite wisdom

6. Lord I love that you are a provider

7. Lord I love your endless love for all of us despite our faults and shortcomings

7 Compliments [to me]

1. I love that I am a faithful friend

2. I love that I am an amazingly creative person with limitless ideas

3. I love my imagination

4. I love my eyebrows

5. I love my amazingly shapely legs

6. I love my heart for humanity

7. I love my work ethic

7 Compliments [to others] — TBD because for me, this needs to be done in person …or said directly to that person.

Observations: It was interesting that while I was writing my lists above, I observed a few things. One thing I noticed is that I felt a total complete release and change in my energy after writing my 6th compliment to God. It felt as if a weight was lifted off me. Let me know if you experience anything similar. The second thing that I noticed was that it was challenging for me to come up with compliments about my self. I struggled at first but then once I started thinking more about myself it was easy to do. This shows me that I need to start complimenting myself more.

I know this challenge sounds like work but it’s not. It takes less then 7 minutes to do if you put your mind to it and trust me the return on your investment is well worth the time you put in. 

If you do the compliment challenge then please let me know what you’ve observed, learned and thought about the challenge. I am very interested in seeing if others benefit greatly from compliments … Not just receiving them but giving them …. 

Peace. Infinite Love & Blessings!