Moment of Gratitude 

Moment of Gratitude: Never underestimate the kindness of others. One day last week I left my jacket on the bus (somehow didn’t realize it) and then the bus driver took it home, washed it for me and brought it back nice and clean because she said it fell in a puddle when she was carrying it to her car. She gave it to a guy I barely knew that rides the same bus with me from time to time and he held it in his car for a week all this time and gave it to me. I was FLOORED! 

It may just be a shawl or jacket but it was the energy and time they took to make sure that my item was returned in better condition than I left it that made me appreciate their actions.

They didn’t have to do that but they cared that much to do it. Every now and then God sends me a sign of why I should act in kindness towards others ….when you are the recipient of kindness you understand how special it is & how it made you feel …. It’s worth it to continue to pass on that feeling to others!!!! I am so grateful!!


Good Things to Come!!! I Am So #Grateful [#Affirmation]

Good things are coming, I can feel it in my bones!!! Join me as I take a moment to claim goodness with this affirmation.

I accept all the marvelous good things now and to come.

Gainful employment for myself and all my loved ones

Financial increase and new doors of opportunity 

Protection and love all around 

New houses that I can call my own 

Good health and healing all over my body and my bones

Spirtual peace and happiness

Clear mind and thoughtfulness

Travels to beautiful places like beaches, big cities and ancient lands

Stylish clothes and a fit body to wear them in

New business ideas that are prospering

Abundance, abundnace abundance and increase in all areas of my life 

Creative thoughts and ideas that give me life

Healthy children all around that bring me joy and hope

New recipes and a nice kitchen and good people to share my delicious cooking with…

A pet or plant that I can love and care for

All debt and all doubt cancelled out

Thankful right now for the goodness in my heart

For fresh new starts and people who believe in me and pour love and encouragement into me

For deliverance and healing and new feelings of joy

For the sun shining, clean water, food to eat and a warm place to sleep

For prayer and open communication with my Heavenly Father, the source of love and life

And for new friends and acquaintances that bring new memories and moments of pleasure

Grateful for this day my daily bread 

Thankful for righteousness 

Thankful for my wonderful life

Thankful for peace in my heart

Thankful for hugs and kisses

Thankful for good wishes

Thankful for inspiring songs and people of integrity and truth

Thankful for freedom fighters and courageous souls who fight for humanity and justice

Thankful for inspiring messages of song and dance

Thankful for dreams and Angels that give us new hope for tomorrow

Thankful for money in my pocket and money on its way

Thankful for time to meditate and time to pray …

Grateful for my spirit of gratefulness that commands this day ….

Grateful to God for creating me and you and giving me another day to enjoy this life … And get it “right”

Thank you Lord

My heart is so full

I claim nothing but good things to come

I am so overwhelmingly grateful!

Child Turned Away From Church …How Do You Respond?

Scenario: Your beloved child is given a song to sing in the choir. Your child attends every choir rehearsal and knows the song. On the day of service your child is told by the choir director that he or she can not sing the solo because he or she “does not know the words.”  This is not true and negatively impacts your child. Your child whom arrived very excited about singing and praising the Lord is so distraught and overwhelmed with sadness because he or she can’t sing the song for the Lord that they practiced for several weeks. Your child later on breaks down in tears. Later your child asks “so are  we done with this church thing?”

The devil is busy ya’l …

So my question is how would you respond if this was your child? What is the Christian way to handle this? Even after confronting the choir directors you still don’t feel it is resolved and intentions are pure. What would Jesus do? 

I thought I’d pose this question because this is happening in churches around the world. If people are being turned away how do we as true believing Christians respond?

With the word of God as your armor and defense please share with me the best way your spirit is being led to handle this situation. 

It’s a sticky situation. We don’t want to turn our kids away from the church when it’s supposed to be a refuge from the world. But if the church is becoming more in the world then in the word and not about being examples of Christ, how do we fix it and keep our babies protected and inspired and excited about serving God?

I’m curious to see what you think with your opinion being scripturally backed in the word of God. ❤️

Don’t Automatically Assume That My Love Is Romantically Motivated …..[Poetic Thoughts]

My cup of love runneth over …

It’s full to capacity

Therefore It has to be released 

And since you’re there right in front of me, I might as well give my love to thee

I write this letter, these poetic thoughts as a way to reminisce of the love I give, the love I’ve given and to let you know that this love does not come with romantic agendas … Hidden. 

I laugh out loud of the many men who see my smile, my unfiltered heart, my warmth, my care and they assume I’m trying to be “theirs” 

Please do not misinterpret 

Don’t add “other” innuendos and fantasies to this love frequency

I give of my love freely

No other motives or desires 

But its pure from the spirit kind of love

The “I want to see you do well” kind of love 

Even if we’re not together 

It’s a deep spiritual kind of love that’s as pure as the water dug from ancient wells 

Make your brain swell kind of love 

Because you’ve never felt or seen this kind of love…coming from a woman …

See .. When you love, you just love. It just flows out of you. And I got a lot in me so beware if you can’t handle real unwatered down love. 

With that said, just because I’m a woman and you’re a man doesn’t mean that the love I give you is romantic love. It’s God inspired love. Nothing more. Nothing less. But something beautiful. Now enjoy it. Feel it. Breathe it in like fresh wind.

And then pass it on…or maybe even give some back …❤️

Another Soul Lost To Drugs … My Heart Weeps For Our World 

Another soul lost to drugs. Too many loved ones and people just giving their minds and life away. They don’t see the value in themselves. They let shame, hurt, anger, doubt, insecurity, rage, idleness, sadness and all things negative take control. But I do see the value. I see the light and tears flowed the moment that light dimmed. God loves them and so do I. Why can’t they see. And it hurts so deeply to watch a life just drift into the sea of substance abuse and addiction. Please pray for this world. My heart is so heavy right now. Feel like we’re in this intense spiritual battle and there is this dark negative energy trying to kill the light in people. God we need you. I need you. I can’t stand to see another loved one hand their life over like this … Please God, intervene. In Jesus name, amen.

Word of advice: watch who you and your loved ones hang with, especially during hard times. The enemy comes like a thief in the night. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. He comes at your weakest moments. When you have no income. When you just broke up with someone or lost a loved one. When you’ve been picked on and teased and feel broken and depleted. When you’ve made a bad decision and feel bad. He knows when to strike you so u got to be smarter and know how to strike him down with the word of God. See, Satan is a coward and dare not touch you when you’re strong. When you feel weak call on God to make you strong. Remember you can do all things through Christ whom strengthens you. Get in fellowship at your church if life gets demanding, you feel hopeless and if you’re hurting. You owe this to you and everyone who loves you. Don’t turn away from God and those that know and love you and can encourage you. Don’t get confused with false love. Misery loves company. Someone who loves you would never ever introduce you to drugs. Remember when you are away from the pact is when you will be targeted the most … It’s easier to take you out. So don’t allow yourself to slip into isolation. Seek God and seek the fellowship of true believers for strength. This too shall pass. Hard times don’t last always. But bad habits are hard to break so when life gets hard (and it will) resist the temptation to quiet the hurt with drugs and other addictive behaviors. It’s not worth the headache or heartache.

I Walk In … [Positive Affirmations]

Lord I walk in …

Your grandiosity 

Your grace 

Your warmth

Your love

Your forgiveness

Your truth 

Your wisdom 

Your pureness

Your healing

Your divine providence 

Your perfection

Your creativity 

Your kindness

Your graciousness 

Your sweetness 

Your prosperity

Your sweet patience

Your meekness

Your frugality

Your abundance

Your obedience 

I gratefully walk in possession of what I need.

I release controlling behaviors and blinding pride.

With you Lord, humbley I stand. Confessing that I want your acceptance of my heart as I repent and depart from all sin.

Lord, I walk happily in your light

I rebuke the dark. I shine like crystal. 

I walk in thankfulness 

I walk in gratitude 

With a positive attitude 

I walk everyday giving thanks to you God for sending Jesus, the mighty one to be an example of how life should be lived and done.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.

For your yoke is easy and your burden light.


The Power of a Compliment 

Doesn’t it feel good when someone gives you a compliment? Don’t you want to smile and jump through your skin! Compliments are an amazing form of positive energy that vibrates on a high level, touching your inner most spirit and making you feel loved, appreciated and joyous. Even the most miserable people perk up at the sound of a compliment. So with that said, why would anyone want to withhold a compliment. Even if it’s someone you don’t particularly get a long with, do you know how powerful a true and honest compliment can be? It can help someone break out of depression. It can change the energy in a conversation, environment or even help someone feel drenched in good feelings and vibes. Like the soil takes in nutrients that allow seeds to grow our souls also soar after being bathed in words of praise and encouragement.

Even God loves for us to compliment  Him. Do you ever notice how much faster those blessings flow from heaven when we compliment our Heavenly Father and give thanks and praise unto Him.

When we see goodness or something we like and treasure in others, it’s in our best interest and their best interest to send a compliment that way.

Now I’m not saying lie and tell people you like something about them but you really are just saying that to be nice. The key and power behind compliments is authenticity. The vibrations of a lie will neutralize the vibrations of the compliment and our goal is to raise the vibration so we got to be honest.

It’s not hard to find 1 thing you like about someone. It could be something as simple as they have on a nice tie or scarf to something more personal.

Charge up the world with your compliments. Make your personal compliment ministry shine starting today.

7 Compliment Challenge

Now let’s have some fun and start using the power from compliments. This is a simple challenge.

I triple dare you to challenge yourself RIGHT NOW to find 7 great things that you love about God. Next find 7 great things you like about yourself. Lastly, go one step further and find 7 great things you like about someone else and tell them.

In an effort to take up this challenge myself…I decided to do the challenge with you and share my list. Please feel free to share your lists too. I also want to hear about your observations before and after taking the 7 Compliment Challenge. It could be an immediate change of mood or energy around you or the change could take a day or weeks to manifest.

7 Compliment Challenge [My List, as of 2/15/16]

7 Compliments [To God]

1. Lord I love how you created us all in your perfect image

2. Lord I love the beauty of this world you created

3. Lord I love the millions of species of plants and animals and sea life that you created

4. Lord I love your patience 

5. Lord I love that you are the source of infinite wisdom

6. Lord I love that you are a provider

7. Lord I love your endless love for all of us despite our faults and shortcomings

7 Compliments [to me]

1. I love that I am a faithful friend

2. I love that I am an amazingly creative person with limitless ideas

3. I love my imagination

4. I love my eyebrows

5. I love my amazingly shapely legs

6. I love my heart for humanity

7. I love my work ethic

7 Compliments [to others] — TBD because for me, this needs to be done in person …or said directly to that person.

Observations: It was interesting that while I was writing my lists above, I observed a few things. One thing I noticed is that I felt a total complete release and change in my energy after writing my 6th compliment to God. It felt as if a weight was lifted off me. Let me know if you experience anything similar. The second thing that I noticed was that it was challenging for me to come up with compliments about my self. I struggled at first but then once I started thinking more about myself it was easy to do. This shows me that I need to start complimenting myself more.

I know this challenge sounds like work but it’s not. It takes less then 7 minutes to do if you put your mind to it and trust me the return on your investment is well worth the time you put in. 

If you do the compliment challenge then please let me know what you’ve observed, learned and thought about the challenge. I am very interested in seeing if others benefit greatly from compliments … Not just receiving them but giving them …. 

Peace. Infinite Love & Blessings!

I Love You For Who You Are [Poem]

I love you for who you are | your eccentricity | your complexities | even your scars from the past you don’t think I see | For your strength as a man and your conviction and command | For how you make me laugh | For how you make me think | For our bond and connection | even though face to face we have yet to meet | For your care | I still remember you were there | like that time I was sick and your words comforted me | See it’s the little things I can’t forget | I love you For your advice about life | and your charming wit | Even how you get shy before you share something intimate | Something about you makes it hard for me to turn away | You said I’d always wonder “what if” if I didn’t come and see you | Now all I see is you | And I can’t let go until I know and we try …. 

Flee to Love … Resist Hate…

I don’t want to talk about self hate anymore! I want to be around people who embrace love. Love me, love you but they are not ignorant to the hate around us but at the same time they are confident to the God of love in us that gives us strength to rise above it all. Thank you Jesus. He was the example. Study on Him and you will learn so much about this world and how to prosper in a wild world filled with darkness, selfishness, greed and destruction. Silence that flesh take the burdens to God. Have patience and faith and be strong to resist the temptation to play with the dark side of life. As my “Peri Pastor” would say “stop playing with the devil” …. Resist hate in all of its dysfunctional worldly glory and cling to love with all of your heart, mind, body and soul. That’s where the real glory is … In LOVE!! Hello, but ya’l don’t hear me tho😘❤️❤️❤️❤️