Real Money: How I Boosted My Credit Score By 100 Points

First let my preface this by saving that I am by no means a “money expert.” Far from it, actually. I am still building my nest egg and working hard everyday to make a viable living for myself and my family. It’s not easy and it’s been quite a journey and a learning process.

On this journey of bettering my life and my finances, I stumbled across a few resources that helped me and I am here to share those resources with you.

First, I needed help with my credit. Shamefully, I admit that I was in the low 500’s in 2016 and now I’m in the mid 600’s. Not exactly where I want to be but much better then I was before. Part of the reason my credit score was so bad was because I had outdated debt lingering on and because I needed more positive credit history.

After joining a financial and savings centered group online, I discovered a service called Self Lender. This service has been a lifesaver in restoring my credit and helping me build positive credit history, which a main culprit in low scores. Through Self Lender alone my scores has jumped 82 points in the last year plus while enrolled I saved $550, money that I received after my 12 month saving program was done.

You might be wondering what is this Self Lender program. Well in a nutshell, Self Lender is a basic saving program that helps you responsibly build credit. Through their credit builders program they can help you establish credit history and save money in a safe, responsible way via a certificate of deposit (CD) as the CD is FDIC insured.

Those that enroll in Self Lender also get access to their credit monitoring services and the opportunity to apply for a credit builder account.

To pay your bill they do accept monthly payments as low as $25 and as high as $150 via. I almost always opt to start small and what you can seal. 😍💜⭐️


New Moon Energy: Learning, Releasing, Speaking Your Truth

On Tuesday, February 19 we entered into a new “super moon” in the sign of Virgo. For those of you like me that like to acknowledge the role energy around us affects us but yet aren’t super obsessed with astrology, let me break this new moon meaning down for you.

According to the website Astro Seek, the super full moon in Virgo means the following:

“Your feeling of safety is now related to order and clarity, even in emotions. You may have the need to organise everything chaotic and disorganized. Try being more tolerant and accept imperfections of life. It is better to trust life and let it run its own way, not everything must be according to our expectations.

This actually held true for me. I found myself letting go and letting God and releasing myself from old mindsets and hindrances in order to free my mind from chaos and to find happiness. The new moon ushered in an intense need to cut out anything not working in my life. To let go of old residue from past disappointments and people that didn’t work for my life. It felt good releasing those burdens. It’s funny how we can hold on to things that don’t serve us and make us unhappy for so long and not even realize we are still holding on. It’s so important to release, to let go and in essence “let God.”

Now, I don’t like to put too much focus on astrology and over analyzing phases like new moons and energy but I do like to stay aware because sometimes there are correlations between my real life struggles or phases and the energy of the moon. It’s all very interesting to me.

This safe space, this blog, is all about journeying and discovering and learning and finding growth and inspiration in life. It’s about examining and studying life and being transparent with lessons learned.

Now with that said, what have you learned during this new moon phase? I’m so curious to find out 💜

Ironically we are already leaving the Virgo super moon behind and on to the next new moon. The next new moon will be in Libra starting today, February 22, which, according to Astro Seek means …

You might have a strong need for balance and harmony now. You probably desire to keep things “nice” rather than venturing into fundamental questions in order not to disturb the peace. You must learn to share your good and bad feelings. Do not be afraid to be who you really are, despite what is expected of you.

Looks like the theme of life for the next few days will be speaking your truth and to silence fear of judgement of expectations. Are you up for the challenge?

I’ll be writing in my private journal my thoughts over the next few days and examining what I’m processing but I’m curious to know what others are going through – all of this is very interesting and exciting to me.

The goal in life, in my opinion, is to always be growing and glowing up. I hope the current and upcoming new moons give you the energy to grow and expand in consciousness and most importantly do what’s best for you and your evolution. New moon or not, I think that should always be our focus.


Simple Seduction (Poetic Thoughts)

Some poetic thoughts to start the day… I’m very rough around the edges! Haven’t written in a while but somehow I feel inspired …

Simple Seduction

I smell coffee

And instantly taste your kiss on my lips

Easy for a ‘cancer moon’ to reminisce

Butterflies jumping through my veins like bouncy balls

Just the thought of our interactions drives me insane

I feel it all

Now I’m texting you

Breaking “the rules” to be next to you

Just the thought of us together brings comfort to my soul

But here we go playing games

You pursuing

I fall back

You fall back

And then I reach out

And bring YOU right back

I feel like a teenager trapped in an adult body

Knowing these sinful games don’t serve anybody

Happy isn’t powerful enough to describe the emotions you put on me

You’ve done started something now

You’ve ignited my curiosity

I don’t think you understand the power I got in me

My love heals with a simple thought

My touch will make you weak

The chemistry from my love

have brought men to their knees

Some run when they feel it

It’s causes grown men to weep

it causes many “men” to run and leave

But only for a moment because they come right back to me

It’s like a drug, addicting addicts everyday

Too strong, too deep, too real

I just laugh and keep doing my thing

Nothing special, just authentic pure love I spill

I’m hoping you can deal

Deep down I’m wishing for you to seal the deal

There’s an invasion on my heart

Knew it from the start

Our magnetism so strong it calls my name

in the dark

Maybe I am your angel

Maybe you are mine

All I know is that soul connections like this are very hard to fine

So I’ll hang in there this time

Just as long as you keep it real

Be honest about how you feel

Who you deal and

How you deal

Keep it 💯 with me

Truth with humility

Cause together we will build

The future is up to us to reveal

7 Affirmations to Command Your Day

1. All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.

2. God wants me to have great abundance and I happily receive that abundance.

3. I am a special rare jewel that uniquely shines bright.

4. I am a beautiful creation protected and loved.

5. Good health, love and fortune await me.

6. Today is a blessing.

7. I vibrate high and manifest wins. 💜

Still I Rise (Poetic Thoughts) – The Valentine’s Edition

I’m turning to art to create as I sip my delicious Mexican mocha latte’

Because I don’t want to meditate on hate and miss my fate

Anger, resentment, feelings of bitter betrayal keep trying to creep back into my heart

Even after some refreshing new starts

I blame it on the holiday we call Valentine’s Day

Some say it’s manufactured

To make people spend funds they don’t have just to prove their ‘love’

While I’m loving on me today

And I’m grateful to God for providing

I also feel a subtle feeling of irritation

Because I feel like I should be somewhere tropical with my bae on vacation

But there’s no bae this year

Just a list of potential prospects in my contacts list

And Happy Valentine’s Day text messages that will not be missed

To be honest, I had a better Valentine’s Day eve, eating wings

So now I feel I got to get creative

Get into a space of new expansive energy

I got to think about me and forget about the list of potential “we’s”

I don’t even want to think about the last “he”

Because he was a dream unfulfilled

And ain’t nobody got time for that

Maybe next Valentine’s Day I’ll be with my new “he” walking down the isle

Sipping margaritas in Vegas while friends admire our smiles

The best is yet to come

And like Maya Angelou once said “still I rise’

I rise from the ashes of yesterday

I release all the sorrow

I walk into the promises of my tomorrow

No matter what

This will be a Happy Valentine’s Day

Because I will manifest my new beginnings


Check out my YouTube video related to this post 💜😘😍

Meet Dolly The Dog, My Sweet Darling Valentine

Last year I had the pleasure of adopting this sweet angel of a dog named Dolly. When we first met we instantly connected. We crossed paths while she was returning to her kennel at the shelter after her mid day walk. Before I could say hi she ran and jumped up on me. I fell in love instantly. Dolly is the most cheerful, loving, protective and sweet companion that I could ask her. She is my little angel. We’ve been through 2 moves together in just one year so this year has been very challenging but she adjusted and made it through them all. I never knew how special dogs could really be until I adopted her and began caring for her on my own. She’s my valentine this year and I’m going to spoil this love bug rotten with trips to the dog park and lots of treats.

It feels good knowing I rescued her and in return she has rescued me and warmed my heart with sweet unconditional love and companionship.

Need a great Valentine’s Day gift idea? Gift yourself with an adopted dog from your local shelter. It truly is the best gift of all time. They will light up your life with joy and be so happy that you choose them to share your love and light with. Below are some pictures of Dolly. Blessings and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours 💜